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YouTube: A Powerful Traffic Source

Three billion daily views. Third most-visited site in the world. Second-largest search engine. All of these facts and figures point to the fact that, indeed, YouTube is one of the most powerful sources for online traffic and website conversions. Both are the ultimate goals of traditional and digital businesses engaged in online marketing for obvious reasons – the higher the traffic, the higher the conversions and, thus, the higher the profits.

The best thing about YouTube for online marketing purposes lies in its use of HTML5 and Adobe Flash Video technologies to play a wide variety of video content created, uploaded and shared by users. Everything from professionally-shot movie trailers, television clips, music videos and advertisements to amateur video logs and original videos can be posted on YouTube. Type in the desired keywords and YouTube users have more than likely uploaded the appropriate video – except for offensive materials like porn, of course.

This is where your online marketing efforts can get a boost. First, you can upload videos promoting your products and services with a call to action at the end. Your call to action can be clicking to a link where the viewer can buy the products or hire the services. Your best bet in this case is to keep your video short yet informative and engaging so as not to bore your viewers.

Second, you can place an advertisement in text form. The ads can either be seen on the side of the screen where the videos are played or on the screen itself while the main video is playing. YouTube matches the videos being played with the advertisements being shown, thus, making it more effective and efficient for digital businesses to actually reach their target market.

For example, if a user is watching fashion clips, then the ads will pertain to clothes, shoes and personal accessories for sale in other websites. It is the sort of encouragement that digital businesses bank on to increase their online sales.
Third, you can upload videos that provide information, tutorials and insights into your products and services as well as its related items. You will find that customers are encouraged to purchase when the seller appears to be an expert on the topic while also being approachable, friendly and vibrant.

Yet another benefit from using YouTube to generate traffic is its accessibility from a wide range of gadgets. Users can access the videos on their desktops, laptops and smart phones including android devices, thus, making it possible to extend your reach 24/7 when necessary.

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