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You Built It, Why Didn’t They Come?

You Built It, Why Didn’t They Come?

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E commerce is growing rapidly. Small business owners watch as the big players, such as and, rake in the money selling their products online. Small businesses are realizing that they can also increase their sales revenues by using the Internet, but they don’t have much experience selling or attracting customers online. With more and more online stores being opened by the small business segment there is also a growing number of small business owners that are giving up on the whole online thing.

The problem is that they have fallen prey to the e commerce myth thinking that “If you build it they will come.” Opening an online store does not mean customers will automatically come. Using an online store to sell your products and services has great potential. Through the website of your online store, the entire world can purchase products and services from you. They no longer have to physically come to your store for purchases.

With the growing popularity of the Internet, the number of websites has increased exponentially. Unfortunately, this means that the chances of potential buyers finding your website have decreased and that competition is fierce. Visitors can stop by your competitor and perform price comparisons in a manner of minutes and from the comfort of their home.
If you want to convince your visitors to buy you need to take care of them. Reward web site visitors and create good will through discounts or gifts. Remember, though, provide good value if you want to see results. Minor changes to ad copy, tactics or business techniques can be enough to boost sales without burdening your budget.

Clearly state your unique selling proposition and show exactly why your product stands out from the competition. Uniqueness and perceived value can easily trump a lower price elsewhere. You can also try combining your product with others that you own, you can then create an entirely new package that will sell in limited quantities or for a limited time. Urgency and uniqueness create a terrific sales pitch.

Another key factor to the success of your e commerce ventures is to generate traffic to your website; you need web site visitors in order to make sales through your online store. In order to increase your visibility on the web try contacting a website development company that can list your site in the online business directories.

A good website development company should also be able to help you with your search engine placement. Finding niche keywords used to locate your online store with the major search engines, they will be able to make sure your web page is found at the top of the search engines for those terms.

Be aware of what it takes to have a successful e commerce site. Do not fall into the myth that if you build it they will come, and take appropriate action to increase your chances of success once you get a visitor to your online store. Start monitoring your website traffic, and get a good web developer.

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