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Why You Should Integrate QR Codes Into Your Tradeshow Booths

Industry expos are busy places and exhibitors don’t always have a lot of time to get their messages across to visitors who stop by tradeshow booths. Thanks to today’s technology and the prevalence of smartphones you don’t have to cram everything you ever wanted to say about your company into a 30-second pitch or worry about the booth visitors who grabbed a brochure and left without giving you a chance to speak to them.

QR codes have made it possible for your message to be received anywhere, anytime – and that’s exactly why some exhibitors are showcasing these images in their tradeshow booths.

QR Codes In A Nutshell

“QR” stands for Quick Response. It’s that funny-looking black-and-white square found more and more often on products and labels. There are smartphone and tablet apps that can read these images and when they do, the user is privy to all sorts of product or company information. They work on the same premise as the bar codes we see on products every day.The images are able to hold more information however, which is what makes them so valuable as a marketing tool to businesses and organizations around the world.

The coded box generally links to URLs or specific pages on websites but can also be as simple as basic contact information. They can also be used to send a text containing specific information to the users’ smartphone.

The best part is that anyone can create those little squares. You don’t need to be an IT whiz to do so if you use a QR Generator. These generators are available online (find one with a quick Google search) and oftentimes at no charge, making creation accessible to anyone with Internet access.

Integration WithTradeshow Booths&Bannerstands

Since code creation is so accessible, it is a simple process to add them to your displays for tradeshows. By adding the image to your business cards and brochures, visitors can take more in-depth information with them and review it at their leisure. To ensure even greater likelihood your message will be read, place the image on bannerstands at your booth where passersby and visitors can easily scan it with their phone. While a brochure or business card might get tossed or easily misplaced, smartphones generally don’t, which means your information will always be right at hand when the user needs it.

Make sure you have a list of Quick Response reader apps readily available at your booth for those visitors who don’t have readers installed on their phones yet. Help them find and download the right reader, then let them test out your QR code as their first scan! That’s a guaranteed way to get them to remember you!

Expand Your PR Reach

Integrating Quick Response Codes into tradeshow booths is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your PR toolkit. Getting started is as easy as downloading a free generator and linking it to your website. From there you can place the image on brochures, business cards, newsletters and any printed material your business distributes. With little to no upfront cost, there’s no downside to trying out this effective marketing tool.

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