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Why Portable Displays? The Answer Just May Surprise You

When it comes to buying the right trade show exhibit for your business, many business owners automatically assume that bigger (and heavier and more expensive) is always better. Entrepreneurs in every industry think that, in order to make a major impact at a given event, they must show up with the largest stand in the venue. Without a grand-scale stand, they run the risk of fading helplessly into the background while their competition takes charge of the showroom floor.

Sound like your current mindset when it comes to your trade show exhibit? If so, you may be inadvertently overlooking the many benefits yielded with smaller, portable displays that are currently taking the marketplace by storm. Are these portable displays an ideal option for your business? Understanding some of the many features and uses that these exhibits deliver can help you make a final decision that optimizes results at every function.

Understanding The Many Benefits Of Smaller Exhibits

What can portable displays offer your business? For starters, these smaller exhibits deliver maximum transporting ease. Many stands can actually be carried by hand to the event itself. Whether you’re exhibiting up the street or flying across the country, portable displays can grant you ultimate convenience as well as save you significantly in shipping costs.

Speaking of savings, smaller stands also can help business owners stick to their marketing budgets. Using lightweight, versatile materials, these smaller exhibits can actually cost a fraction of what their full-sized counterparts are priced at. You’ll be able to enjoy a visually-compelling final design that truly captivates the crowd, without having to worry about stretching yourself too thin financially.

Best of all, choosing compact stands for your business means you won’t have to sacrifice on available customization options. You’ll be able to create a stand that exhibits a comprehensive range of customization details such as brand identity, logo, product imagery and more to ensure that every visitor that attends the event understands exactly what your business is about, all in a single glance.

What To Consider When Creating Portable Displays For Your Business

Once you’ve decided that portable displays make sense for your company, it’s important to create a list of focal points to help guide the design process and ensure you receive a final product that truly encompasses your organization’s essence. When creating your portable displays, consider:

Venues/events: Will you be using your exhibits at trade shows? Or are you focusing primarily on job fairs and recruiting functions? Answering these questions can help you create a stand that will work with the surrounding venue.

Corporate objectives: Yes, you should have a list of corporate objectives you hope to attain at every engagement. Having a list of these goals during the design process can ensure you receive a final look that can help you achieve them.

New product line/marketing message: Finally, always consider new product lines and new marketing messages when creating your portable displays. Presenting your business’ latest image and merchandise is critical when attempting to reach new consumers and expand your brand image recognition beyond the reach of your competition.

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