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Why Portable Banners Stands Outshine Outdoor Advertising Options

When putting together a comprehensive marketing plan, there are certain components that must be included, no matter what industry your organization operates in. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, chances are, you’re probably including vital promotional initiatives such as email campaigns, an online presence and cold calling techniques to ensure that you are effectively getting the word out about your company to the consuming masses.

While these campaigns all play a critical role in a company’s promotional prowess, many business owners find themselves struggling with including other advertising approaches as part of their marketing mix. What’s one common struggle for entrepreneurs in every industry? Deciding whether to use outdoor billboards as part of their promotional strategies or opt instead to purchase banner stands and make their initial entry into the realm of trade show marketing.

Are You Choosing Between Billboards And Banner Stands? Know Some Important Facts

If you’re currently deciding between outdoor billboards and trade show banner stands for your organization, read on; understanding some of the key benefits that customized banner stands can offer your business can help make the decision making process an easy one. Banner stands outshine their outdoor billboard counterparts in many ways, including:

Sheer number of viewers: Yes, your outdoor signage can reach many…as long as they happen to be in the vicinity of your sign. Ultimately, the immobility of billboards works against them as a viable advertising option. Portable trade show signs, with their easy to transport features allows business owners the chance to use them again and again, in various venues to reach a much larger audience over their lifetime.

Exposure to your consuming niche: Additionally, not only do trade show signs reach more people, they actually reach more people who are actually interested in what you do. Participants at live marketing events are in attendance because they want to be, not simply driving by your billboard on their morning commute. By effectively targeting your consumer demographic, your trade show signs easily outshine outdoor options.

A wide range of uses: Finally, unlike stationary outdoor options that only serve one purpose, banner stands have an extensive and distinctive range of uses. These multi-dimensional, versatile advertising tools can be transported virtually anywhere. Recruiting functions, college job fairs, and industry events are just some of the many places where these signs can be displayed. Best of all, banner stands can be made to endure the outside elements, making them an ideal option for outdoor advertising.

What’s perhaps the biggest perk of choosing portable displays? They deliver extremely affordable price points. This can prove a major incentive for smaller businesses that want to make their trade show debut, but don’t want to over-extend their finances to do so. With so many sizes and customization options available, company leaders in every industry are able to quickly find an appropriate sign that best suits their marketing needs, without breaking their budgets, for the greatest return on investment.

Skyline Tradetec ( specializes in state-of-the-art, customized trade show exhibits and banner stands for businesses in every industry. If you’re ready to make a visual impact at the next live marketing event, Skyline Tradetec can help. Visit their site today at to learn more!

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