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Why A Portable Tradeshow Display Still Makes A Full-Size Convention Impact

Are you currently considering marketing conventions as a viable promotional resource for your organization? Are you excited about the many benefits this particular advertorial forum offers, but feel slightly concerned about the potentially exorbitant costs associated with designing unique displays and exhibits for a trade show? You’re certainly not alone. While the prospective return on investment available at conventions is virtually limitless (where else can you personally interact with so many consumers in your targeted demographic?), many business owners often get a major case of sticker shock when they begin to price out full-sized exhibits for a trade show.

A Portable Display Offers A Viable Alternative To Bigger Booths And Stands

Fortunately, entrepreneurs looking for unique displays have found that a portable tradeshow display is more than a sufficient option. If you think that a portable tradeshow display won’t allow you to make the same crowd impact as larger, modular and island exhibits, guess again. Today’s portable display designs offer a huge litany of user benefits that simply can’t be ignored. If you’re in the process of sourcing unique displays to help your business segue into the convention arena, you owe it to yourself (and your budget!) to take a closer look at this exciting exhibit option.

What You Should Know About The Smaller Exhibit Options

One of the things that business leaders find so surprising about these portable exhibits is that they are extremely customizable. Yes, most designs offer a similar inner framework that is lightweight and collapsible. However, beyond this basic foundation, the creative sky is virtually the limit. Every business owner has the ability to personalize each stand to tout specific company characteristics such as brand identifying features, logos and even product pictures and graphics. Your final stand will be a distinctive exhibit that truly captures the essence of your organization as well as effectively grabs the attention of the crowd.

Beyond the extensive customization options, these lightweight exhibits offer company’s a wide array of shipping and transporting benefits as well. You’ll never have to worry about excessive shipping fees and costs if your company chooses this type of stand. Best of all, a portable exhibit delivers ultimate ease of setup and breakdown before and after each function. Your staff members will also know exactly how to coordinate the booth structure and then quickly collapse it afterwards for the ride back to the office!

For organizations that just aren’t convinced that this booth option will deliver enough sizzle at the next function, there is a vast assortment of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the pop up stand itself. Want to give visitors a place to sit that rivals the seating areas in larger models? Rent a table and chairs, throw on a customized tablecloth with your business logo and you’re ready to engage. Looking for a little additional signage to help entice the crowd to seek out your booth? Strategically place banner stands throughout the arena to generate a little booth buzz. You can even work items like flat screen monitors, notepad tablets, etc. to show corporate videos in your stand. No matter what final look and impact you’re hoping to make, you’ll easily be able to coordinate a custom pop up stand design that gets the job done!

Skyline Tradetec designs and installs unique displays in Chicago ( that both inform and impress. If you’re looking for superior exhibits for a Chicago trade show, Skyline delivers! Contact the company today to hear about their Chicago portable tradeshow display options and more!

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