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What Should Your Trade Show Booth Rental Do For You?

If you have a small company, you probably think that exhibiting at a marketing event is prohibitively expensive. These booths can cost thousands of dollars and it doesn’t always make sense for a business that only uses them once every few years. However, there’s another option for these businesses — trade show booth rental. Before you rule out industry events, learn what a rented exhibit can do for your business. Once you know the facts, there will be no reason to avoid marketing events in the future.

Highlight Your Products And Services In Trade Show Booth Rental Graphics

The next time you’re at an event as an attendee and not an exhibitor, take a critical look at the graphics on each display. Is it easily apparent what the business sells or what service it provides? If not, the company is missing out and should take steps to tailor their marketing message with their graphics. When you’re working with your exhibit company’s graphic designers, make sure the design actually tells your attendees what your business does! If it’s not clear, your employees can waste a lot of time explaining your products and services to attendees who don’t even have a use for your company.

Look For A Trade Show Booth Rental That’s Engaging

Along with displaying your products and services, it’s also important that your trade show booth rental graphics are dynamic, engaging and eye-catching. Most attendees will spot your display from across the room, well before you staff ever has a chance to interact with them. To ensure that your graphics look great, your designer should ask targeted questions regarding your company, your products, and the message you want to send with your trade show booth rental. If the exhibit company suggests stock graphics instead of a custom display, look for another provider. Your exhibit won’t attract attention and engage with customers if it has a twin across the room.

Look For A Trade Show Booth Rental With A Great Return On Investment

Lastly, make sure that you can calculate your return on investment. However, it’s important to realize that you will need to wait a few months to accurately track your ROI and have an actual figure that you can attribute to your trade show booth rental. To determine your company’s ROI, calculate your costs and then determine what sales you made because of your company’s attendance. To calculate your ROI, take your gains minus costs and then divide by costs. Different companies have different needs for their ROI so it’s important that you talk to your staff to determine what is right for your business.

An exhibit for a marketing event doesn’t have to cost a lot! Instead, look for a rented exhibit that features your products or services, engages customers, and provides a great ROI. These things can all work together to provide you with a great exhibit experience and might leave you wondering why you never attended one before.

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