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What Makes Bannerstands Such A Cost Effective Marketing Tool?

It’s no secret that bannerstands have been one of the go-to marketing options for trade shows of all kinds for quite some time. It’s impossible to attend any sizeable event without seeing a huge assortment of these simple, yet effective displays. Well-implemented bannerstands can present a wide variety of information to attendees, from basic images to elaborate product details or specifications. Their various sizes and ease of use make them an ideal solution for any number of applications.

But with so many new and emerging marketing display styles to choose from, why all the fuss over what seems to amount to a simple sign and pole? And when it comes to return on investment, do they make good business sense?

Bannerstands: The Winner In Versatility

While the low financial barrier to entry for bannerstands makes them an attractive option for many small businesses, it’s their versatility and flexibility that have kept them a staple of show displays for budding and established companies alike. The variety of different stand types gives exhibitors a host of options when deciding how to most effectively market to any given audience.

This relatively simple marketing display can take on many forms.

a) Classic Linear: The most recognizable form and still one of the most popular, the classic linear design uses a telescopic pole to hold a large, eye catching banner. The simplicity is part of the appeal as graphics are easily interchangeable and convenient to set up. More recent twists to the standard form allow users to combine multiple stands into a single dynamic, curved display for a more engaging presentation.

b) Double-sided: Perfect for users who may be utilizing banners in open areas where both sides of the display will be visible, the double-sided design provides built-in flexibility and can save on graphic changes during an event.

c) Merchandizing Stands: With the addition of merchandising platforms, these interactive stands allow for products to be displayed or marketing materials to be dispensed, aiding in effective guest connections and freeing up show staff.

d) Retractable Designs: Retractable models open up even more options by allowing for full or partial display of graphics, making them for either free-standing or table top displays. More modern retractable designs have made changing graphics during a show a very simple procedure, further adding to their versatility.

e) Dual Layered Designs: One of the more recent developments, dual layered stands combine two graphics for a more engaging look. A simple background banner is used behind a smaller outer graphic, giving more of a three-dimensional look but maintaining the ease of use that bannerstands have become renowned for.

Unmatched Portability

Even with all they can do to effectively market nearly any product, bannerstands remain the most portable, fully functional display option. Retractable designs are essentially self-contained within their bases while external poles are easily stored in convenient carrying cases. This ease of transport means avoiding setup, storage and transportation costs, relieving the bulk of logistical challenges to attending multiple shows in quick succession. Bannerstands are perfect for individuals or small marketing teams that don’t have the time or resources to set up elaborate booths but still want to maintain an effective and engaging trade show presence.

When it comes right down to it, bannerstands continue to be popular because they work. Whether used to build a new display or added to an existing booth design, modern bannerstands are one of the most economical investments that any exhibitor can make.

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