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What Is Infinity Downline In Comparison To MLM Concerning Compensation?

What is Infinity Downline? Another question would be why is it called that? And yet another one, is Infinity Downline MLM? Good questions, let us look at those questions.

In most MLM companies, when new members are brought in to the company as an independent associate the company itself profits by receiving a portion of the new members fee. Often in a lot of MLM companies a new member is required to make a purchase of product. Often these products are a lot higher priced than similar products on the market that can be purchased say in a store, a vitamin product for example.

These products that are high priced, the commissions that can be generated over above the manufacturing of the product along with the recruits membership fees go toward their upline several levels and go to the owners and management of the company in compensation.

Now in a typical MLM that can not take place over a few levels. 5 to 10 levels typically of disbursement and then their is no more money left out of the commission or fee to spread any further.

Infinity Downline is different in compensation to the members joining in the following respects. When a new member joins it costs $25 to join and $25 paid monthly to maintain membership. It never increases or deviates. That fee is paid 100% to the member who sponsored them. Infinity Downline’s management does not receive any portion of that fee.

Also they incorporate a system that allows a member to get paid by other members in a method where the numbers of the members paying them grows exponentially. Is these members considered the members downline? No not technically but it has the outward appearance of so. It is a process where members become the sponsor on record of other members.

To explain how this occurs would be as follows: You receive $25 from other members on a monthly residual basis. There are two ways this happens:

1- personally sponsor a new member

2- have new members passed up to you by other members after you are qualified. Being qualified means you have brought in 4 members and have given your sponsor your 2nd & 4th sale.

This is different than how most MLMs are typically compensated. There is no spreading of commissions or entry fees to other associates 5 to 10 levels upwards from you.

Where does the word infinity fit in?

The following explanation should answer that.

Regarding a new member bringing in their first 4 new members:

1- Member’s 1 & 3 they get to keep who pay them $25 a month.

2- Member’s 2 & 4 are passed up to and become their sponsors and pay their sponsor $25 a month.

3- You are qualified after bringing in 4 new members and can then also receive pass up members as well.

Every body that is passed up to you owes you their 2nd & 4th members as well, which can have a doubling effect as explained below.

1- If you are passed up 2 members then they each owe you 2 new members for a total of 4.

2- Now when those 4 new members are passed up to you they also each owe you 2 new members as well for a total of 8.

Did you see how that doubled? In this manner 8 would double to 16 which would double to 32, then to 64, 128, 256, 512, 1028 and so on and so on. Since this process does not end it could be says it goes on to infinity.

This scenario is significantly different than the scenario described earlier of typical MLM commission and compensation plans. No mention in this article was made of whether Infinity Downline has a product or a service. I will answer yes to that, but will go no further as this article was based on the question “What Is Infinity Downline In Comparison To MLM Concerning Compensation?”

Go to to answer what is Infinity Downline as a product or service. For a video of what is Infinity Downline as a product or service go to Thanks you.

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