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Weeding Through The Myths: The Truth About Trade Show Booth Rental

Many companies don’t realize how much they can benefit from a trade show booth rental. They worry that if they truly want to make a big splash at their marketing event, that they need to buy a flashy exhibit, which can set them back thousands of dollars, leaving little money in their marketing budget for things like travel, promotional brochures, giveaways and other necessary expenses that are vital for a successful experience. However, if you’ve been putting off your first marketing event because you don’t have an exhibit, take a minute or two to weed through the myths that are out there regarding trade show booth rental.

Myth: Your Trade Show Booth Rental Will Look Like Everyone Else’s

There might be companies out there that feature boring, stock rented exhibits. However, this isn’t all you can find when you’re looking for a rented display. Turn to a company with a reputation for providing one of a kind exhibits, even for their rental clients. This way, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a unique experience that’s perfectly suited to your company’s needs. When you choose a custom company, you won’t need to worry about your exhibit looking like another on the event floor — your graphics will be completely customized with unique photos and text that spells out exactly what your company does.

Truth: Rented Exhibits Are Less Expensive Than Purchased Ones

Trade show booth rental can cost a fraction of what it costs to buy a brand new exhibit. This makes them ideal for companies that only need to use a display once in a blue moon. Renting an exhibit allows you to spend more on travel, promotional items, and other expenses. When you use a rented display, you’ll be able to budget for more employees, ensuring that every person who visits your booth won’t have to wait long to talk to a member of your sales staff.

Myth: Your Trade Show Booth Rental Will Be Dull

If you’ve ever attended a marketing event as an attendee and not an exhibitor, you know that some exhibits just have that ‘pop.’ Whether it’s unique lighting systems, one of a kind configurations, or the industry’s most innovative advancements, these exhibits can attract attention without saying a word and are available to renters too!

Truth: Try The Exhibit Out Before You Buy One

Lastly, a trade show booth rental will let you try it out before you shell out thousands of dollars on your own exhibit. Many companies will let you purchase the exact exhibit you used, which means that you’ll be able to use the same graphic panels on a booth that’s been proven to work.

There’s no reason not to attend a marketing event! If you’ve been putting one off because you’re worried that it will cost too much, look into a rented display. Just make sure that you’re working with a company with an established track record of designing exhibits that will get your company results.

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