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Website User Experience And SEO

You probably know already that SEO is an important part of a strong Lehigh Valley advertising strategy. What you may not realize is how important the user experience on your website is for good Lehigh Valley SEO. As any good advertising agency will tell you, if your website is not user friendly, your Lehigh Valley SEO rankings will suffer regardless of your other efforts with keywords and backlinks.

A significant part of user experience is visual. Attractive, professional looking websites gain user trust and create positive associations with your brand. Beautiful website design is great Lehigh Valley SEO because it can increase the amount of time a user spends on your site, leading to higher conversion rates.

Content that is actually useful and interesting to site visitors is important for good Lehigh Valley SEO as well. Create Lehigh Valley advertising content that is relevant and personal and present it in a format that is easy for visitors to your website to read.

Other important user experience factors that can affect Lehigh Valley SEO involve the functionality of your website, such as responsiveness, ease of navigation, and speed. Responsive design has grown increasingly important in recent years as people spend more and more of their time accessing the web from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The major search engines accommodate this trend by favoring the sites that function well on different screen sizes. Fast loading speed is also important for Lehigh Valley SEO. Sites that are slow to load have higher bounce rates and fewer instances of conversion. Navigation within the site should also be quick and easy so users have no problems finding the information they need.

Traditional, on-page Lehigh Valley SEO still matters, but it should not be relied on alone. Use traditional Lehigh Valley SEO technologies to help enhance user experience instead of focusing on search engine algorithms. When your website meets user needs, it will be reflected in search engine data, prompting favorable treatment of your site in results lists.

The key to Lehigh Valley SEO success is to satisfy both search engines and users by always placing the user first. A full service advertising agency can help you make your website more user friendly with an attractive new design and improved functionality. Once the improvements are in place, your advertising agency can then track their benefits. Bounce rates will decrease and traffic and conversion will increase measurably.

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