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Video Marketing: Is The Future Of Online Marketing

Video Marketing: Is The Future Of Online Marketing

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Video production is a complex art. We know that extracting the best out of it is not as simple and clear-cut as writing a news release, a story or a blog post.

As a natural evolution of the Internet’s ability to facilitate effective communication, sound and vision remains the backbone of successful video marketing. It is the delivery that makes the difference. You need to know what will compel your audience to interact.

A good video should convince a visitor to have a conversation with you and your products in a matter of seconds. The surfing customer must see the most at the least possible time. On landing on your page, the visitor should be presented with a few simple choices. One of them should be a video.

The top rights side or middle of the screen real estate tend to get more attention. It is like giving your guest a warm handshake, a comfy seat and a cup of coffee before you introduce yourself and the subject of discussion.

It cannot be gainsaid how important it is telling your customers what the video is all about and how long it is and if there are other related videos. Then give them the option of either sharing it or saving it for consumption later on. Usually 2 minutes should suffice. If the video is dull, 2 minutes is incredibly long. So the first 30 seconds are crucial. The pace and the visual choreography must be spot on.

Single shot, static video and screencasts are good in showing people how stuff works at best. So although effective in many ways, they are not the best in introducing yourself.

Synergize dynamic sound and vision. This should be topped up with selected catchy slogans and buzzwords. The verbal messages can be emphasized with highly relevant text and graphics. The visual experience should be in harmony with the sound but the viewer should get the message even if they turned off the sound-as is the case if you are at work and you don’t have headphones.

To shoot short messages make sure there is lots of bright light. Look directly at the camera and hold imaginary eye contact. The eyes have to be absolutely focused. Relax, don’t fidget, speak slowly, make sure you are very focused and have good arguments. Rehearse like and memorise the script. Look enthusiastic yet speak in a business-appropriate way. The great thing about video is you can keep doing it until it’s absolutely right.

Marketing loves numbers. A lot of numbers. If you make it easy for your video to be shared, chances are you will get the numbers. One factor to think about is lenngth. The numbers are not important per se. You need to determine the best type of video to make the most impact. Do you want people to subscribe, increase sales or just creating interest and brand visibility?

Whatever the case might be you then have to make a choice from different software needed to create web video. Quality is as important as the message. You must identify the demographics of the target audience and the message before you identify the channels of distribution. Different groups of people interact differently online.

As for sharing and distribution, there are incredibly a wide choice of marketing channels and sharing sites for your video these days. Whether your intention is awareness or increasing direct sales, you need to measure your success. You need to identify tools to help track the effectiveness of your video. Quality and targeted videos must be linked to quality, relevant and affordable products or services. The content on your site must support the video messages.

This will give you a reputable online presence. The video will add value to a blog or Web site. Video contests can help marketers. The best example of how a contest can give you free publicity can be drawn from Tourism Queensland’s contest that generated an estimated $70 million in publicity.

The Australian tourism officials advertised for post of “Paradise Island caretaker” on Hamilton Island in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. Applications for the job opened in January 2008, with would-be caretakers and the winner selected in May 2009.

No formal qualifications were needed but the basic conditions were the willingness to swim, snorkel, dive and sail. The first step in securing this role was to send a 60-second video application explaining why you are the ideal person for it. In return, the successful applicant will receive a salary of 150,000 dollars for six months and get to live rent-free in a three-bedroom villa, complete with pool.

After a worldwide search, Ben Southall from the UK was chosen from more than 34,000 people from around the globe who applied as Tourism Queensland’s Islands Caretaker, or what we like to call the “Best Job in the World”. Ben is still enjoying the limelight blogging his monthly itinerary.

All said and done, it is more important to develop a web video marketing strategy than to try to create viral video content.

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