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Using Pinterest To Market Your Company Is Today’s Version Of Word Of Mouth Advertising

When you were a teenager, like millions of other teens you probably had a cork board plastered with photographs of friends, ticket stubs and pictures torn from magazines of your favorite band or that car/pair of shoes/game system you were saving up for. Even in college, you could quickly learn about the interests of your friends and roommates by checking out their bulletin board.

Jump forward to today and you’ll discover the modern day version of that bulletin board – Pinterest. This wildly popular website is essentially an electronic cork board in cyberspace where you can pin anything you like. The difference here is that Pinterest is infinitely larger and more organized and you can follow any number of people’s interests, even if you don’t know them. Savvy marketing professionals have learned that this unique and friendly social media outlet is also a great way to create viral marketing buzz without spending a dime!

Sit Back And Do. . . Nothing

While it’s not entirely true that you can do nothing and get your company’s products and services posted (or “pinned”) on Pinterest, it is one of the very few social media outlets where you don’t have to visit the site regularly or hire someone to keep coming up with fresh content. It’s primarily a visual site, so what you need are pictures. Not just any snapshots, but photos that are easy to pin and are highly visual. If you have these on your own website, others who visit can quickly and easily pin them to their own boards to share with others. If someone else sees that image and likes it, they can then attach it to one of their own boards, and so on. If lots of other members do the same, a pinned image can quickly go viral, spreading throughout the website and being seen by millions of people who have never even walked through your door or visited your website.

Making Your Images Enticing

The key to doing this right is to post as many photos on your own website as you can and to make sure that every picture is vibrant and unforgettable. Whatever you sell, make sure that customers can see and relate to multiple images that they will want to add to their electronic bulletin boards at Pinterest. Use photos to suggest ways your products can be used. If you sell gas grills, put up a picture of the grill itself as well as one that shows a couple entertaining friends at a cookout. Visitors can then pin these on their own boards for anything from a “Wish List” to “Favorite Entertaining Ideas.”

Taking Advantage Of Indirect Sales Techniques

Using that same gas grill example, you could also set up a blog or page on your website for barbeque recipes that customers will not only use for their next cookout, but they can also post on boards as diverse as “yummy recipes” and “favorite foods.” The beauty of Pinterest is that when others see these images, they can automatically click through directly to your site without you ever spending a penny. And they can then turn around and post it on their own boards, creating an endless stream of potential future customers.

Improving The Odds

Not all Pinterest fans are avid users. Some people visit the site casually, doing a bit of occasional browsing. These are the “pinners” who may not think to post every image they like on their board without a reminder to do so when they’re visiting your site. Fortunately, it’s easy to add a “Pin It” button on your own website so that they can add an item with just a few quick clicks of their mouse.

To take things one step further, you can add enhanced rich pins to your site. These are added by including a few extra lines of html code to your website so that when a visitor posts an image from your site it will also display your logo and make it easier to click through to your own website.

Creating Your Own Boards

While passive participation is easy, you can get even better results if you set up your own Pinterest account and create a few boards of your own. If you sell gas grills, you might have categories like “Food, Glorious Food,” “Grilling Recipes,” “Delicious Summer Side Dishes,” and “Outdoor Entertaining Ideas.” Then simply start posting your own images, supplementing them with some pictures from other sites you enjoy or from others’ boards in order to avoid being solely sales oriented. By displaying pictures of a variety of things that your customers would be interested in, you’ll develop followers who appreciate that you’re not just about making a buck. Sharing photos that are of interest to your target demographic even if they come from other websites will cement your relationship with other Pinterest members and encourage them to buy from you when they’re ready to spend. And all it took was a few minutes of posting pictures!

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