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Updating Your Trade Show Displays? Why Checking Out Expos Is A Great First Step

If you’re in the process of updating your business’ trade show displays, chances are, you’ve already attended a lot of events as an exhibitor. You’ve used your existing trade show displays as a cozy home base from which to venture out on the venue floor and see what the competition is touting on their exhibits. You’ve watched from your exhibit perch and seen which trade show displays get noticed and which ones instantly fade into the background without so much as a backwards glance.

Exhibiting Doesn’t Leave Enough Time To Effectively Notice Other Trade Show Displays

In short, during your time as an exhibitor, you’ve become an expert of sorts on how to exhibit with trade show displays that generate buzz on the showroom floor, right?

Well. . . yes and no.

While, it’s true that business owners who take the time to analyze competitors’ booths during exhibits and events gain an invaluable understanding of the latest trends and innovations of trade show displays, it’s not a top priority of executives exhibiting at these venues. You and your team have been tasked with more important priorities such as networking, engaging with clients on a face-to-face level and broadening your brand’s reach. Perusing the floor to understand the best ways to make your booth better, while still important, has probably not received the attention it needs to truly make an impact on your updated booths. That’s why, when you’re ready to reinvent your exhibit image, it’s critical to carve out enough bandwidth for you and your team to attend various expos as attendees only.

What To Consider When Attending Expos With Your Team For Maximum Success

What’s the first thing to consider when attending expos with your team for ideas on updating your trade show displays? The creative process truly has no set rules; it’s imperative that you enter the process with an open mind to ensure that you don’t miss out on an approach that could be of benefit to your business.

What’s the first rule to dismiss when beginning the process? Sticking only to events in your specific industry. Naturally, you wouldn’t attend out-of-industry functions as an exhibitor; however, as a mere attendee you and your team are free to check out exhibits in any field.

No matter which events you decide to attend, it’s important to also remember not to rule out booths and stands that are smaller or larger than your current exhibit. Putting restrictions based on size alone can instantly eliminate booths that have a lot to offer. No matter what the size of the stand, there still may be various design techniques, innovative features and compelling brand components that you can incorporate throughout your updated trade show displays.

Finally, when checking out events with you team, split up and take detailed notes. Traveling in a pack is a surefire way to get back to the office with one boring, uniform opinion on everything you’ve seen. However, spreading your team throughout the venue to take notes on what they like, don’t like, etc. can help ensure that you get dynamic, honest feedback which can prove invaluable when you’re ready to start your new design.

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