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Turn Your Customer Into Your Selling Partner

Turn Your Customer Into Your Selling Partner

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Conversion: it is the name of the game. You can get tons of traffic to your site, but if nobody buys, your business will not succeed.

Think of every visitor to your site as a potential customer, if not on this visit, then on the next. Do not throw away the opportunity to gather data on every visitor, thank them for visiting and invite them back, even if they did not buy. It is all useful.

Incentivize customers to bring new business

One of the smartest ways to convert a potential customer into a purchaser is to give both them and you additional value at the same time. Here is how.

Advertise on your home page and product landing pages that if your customer can bring three more sales of equal or greater value to your site, you will refund the purchase price of their order. You can also do this on a product basis; the specifics will depend on your product.

You will need a system that allows a new purchaser to enter the name of the referring customer so that you can keep track of purchases. You may want to restrict the offer to purchasers who are new to your site. Here is an example, using one of several ways to arrange the offer:

You sell gardening supplies. Customer A buys $25 worth of supplies ($10 margin to you). Customer A refers three customers to you whose purchases total $100, listing Customer A as the source. You make $40 on the sales. You return $25 to Customer A. Now it is true you have only made $15 on the four customers ($40 margin -$25 returned). However:

- It is a one-time offer so now every time Customer A returns, you will get the full margin.

- You have three new customers you would not have had otherwise who are likely to return and purchase more.

- One or more of your newly arrived customers may take advantage of your offer and send more business your way.

- You did not spend anything on marketing to acquire the 3 new customers.

- Not all customers participating in this offer will reach the quota.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are an excellent way to give a potential customer another way to buy your product. It is possible that someone is looking at the products on your site but feels that it is not the right time for them to purchase.

However, they may have an obligation to provide a gift for someone else. A gift certificate is an easy option and your customer may be motivated to do so partly to give the recipient the idea that your site is a good place to shop so that the gift certificate or an actual gift from your site might come back to them.

Wish List or Registry

Do you have the kind of site that lends itself to a wish list or gift registry? If so, encouraging people to sign up or simply click a button to establish their wish list has many, many advantages.

- You learn something about what people are interested in buying.

- The wish list is likely to draw the potential customer back to the site.

- The wish lister may well pass along the site information to people who may want to buy a gift for them.

Bottom line, it is all good.

The package that keeps on giving

Now that you have your customer/partner, keep the relationship alive! When you send out the package, add discount coupons and encourage your customer to share them with others

You can even use coupon cashing as a way to give back to the customer, i.e., when the coupon is used by a new customer, the coupon number is tied to the original customer’s name and generates a coupon sent to the original customer’s email.

If you sell products that are small and inexpensive, you can add samples to the shipment to encourage additional purchases.

Add a free gift to the package; it does not have to be anything big or fancy it could be as simple as a nicely printed page of tips for product use or coupons for other products that you have gathered because they are of interest to your customers.

You can probably think of even more ways to use your customer as a sales agent on your behalf and have them be delighted to participate!

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