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Traveling With Your Pop Up Displays? 3 Tips To Make Travel Less Stressful

If you’re a seasoned business traveler, you probably have the entire process down to a science. You can spot the fastest security line at the airport and have a special pair of shoes that makes going through security a breeze. What if your job only requires you to travel with your pop up displays once in a while? When you’re not an experienced business traveler, the entire thing can seem like an enormous and overwhelming hassle. Before you stress yourself out over the details, use these tips to make traveling easier.

Make Sure You Can Easily Identify Your Luggage And Pop Up Displays

If you’re like most business travelers, your suitcase is probably black, has rolling feet and a long extendable handle. This can make it nearly impossible to identify! When you’re checking baggage, make sure that you can easily identify your suitcase, as well as the cases for your pop up displays. Mark them with a unique piece of printed tape or tie a brightly colored piece of fabric around the handles so that you can find your luggage with just a quick glance.

Pack Smartly When Taking Your Pop Up Displays To An Event

With all the recent changes to airline rules, you can’t expect to receive anything for free. This especially means your bags! Most airlines have gotten rid of free baggage, except for carry-on luggage. Additionally, luggage typically has a few different pricing tiers, depending on what it weighs. This means that it’s absolutely vital that you take care to pack only the items that you need. Start with a completely cleaned out suitcase — is it full of stacks of papers and leftover items from your last trip? These things might not weigh much, but they can sometimes be enough to push your suitcase over the threshold.

Also, carefully consider what you’re packing. It may be the case that you have every intention of going out for a jog before or after your trade show, but the reality is that you’ll probably be so exhausted that you’ll just want to head back to your hotel room and watch a good movie on the television. Unless you know for sure that you’ll wear your gym clothes and tennis shoes, leave them at home.

Choose Your Rental Car Provider Carefully

Unless you’re going to a city with excellent taxi or public transportation options, you’re probably going to need to rent a car. Instead of standing in line like everyone else, consider booking your rental with a company that allows you to simply walk into the lot and drive away with any car. You’ll be able to choose the vehicle that best fits your staff and your pop up displays, and you won’t need to worry about being delayed by other renters.

Before you travel with your pop up displays, take the time to make sure you’re thoroughly prepared. Although business travel can be a hassle, there are a few things you can do to minimize it.

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