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Trade Show Island Exhibits: Three Ways To Ensure Yours Dominates The Floor

Is your business currently pursuing trade show exhibits for large, live marketing venues? Island exhibits may prove an ideal solution. These larger, elaborate displays often take up 3-4 aisles on the trade show floor. With the smallest sizes typically starting at 20′ x 20′, island exhibits deliver optimal design creativity and audience impact for business owners looking to firmly establish their company as an industry force to watch.

Design Efficiency Makes All The Difference With Trade Show Island Exhibits

While the potential return on investment with these larger displays is significant, many business owners (at least initially) find the design process a challenging one. With so much potential promotional canvas to cover, it’s important to brainstorm a comprehensive and cohesive final design. Striking that precarious balance between too much and too little marketing material makes all the difference between resonating with your targeted audience and simply blurring into the background while your competition garners crowd attention.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tactics to employ when designing your trade show island exhibits to ensure that your marketing message isn’t only seen. . . but is also remembered. What’s the first step to success in this process? Entrusting your business to a seasoned and experienced firm that specializes in customizing booths and stands.

Once you’ve found a qualified partner, you’re officially ready to begin designing. When teaming with your chosen professional vendor to create your branded, customized displays always consider including:

Canopies and ceilings: Not only do booth ceilings and canopies look esthetically pleasing when compared to open booths, they also serve a functional purpose as well; whether used indoors or outdoors, a ceiling can help minimize the glare of signs and flat screens so visitors can easily view all of your displayed information. Additionally, using canopies and ceilings helps guests feel like they are secluded within your booth, away from the meandering crowds, which may entice them to stay longer to see what your business is about. When including a canopy or ceiling, always check with local officials to ensure you’re booth meets ventilation and fire safety requirements.

Include lighting: Worried that the lighting of the venue won’t optimize your brand messages? Don’t be; a professional and qualified provider will be able to incorporate theatrical, customized lighting fixtures throughout your display. Using a lighting system specifically created for your booth means that you’ll be able to perfectly highlight your most important missives at every event you attend. Partner with your provider to ensure that you create a system that helps you achieve your goals, but is safe and not overly distracting to viewers.

Show your story: Finally, when brainstorming the final layout of your trade show island exhibits, don’t settle for merely “telling” the audience your corporate story. Include a wide range of images, graphics, and interactive tactics that stimulate all the senses and actually “show” them exactly what your business has to offer as well as why your products stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Looking for customized trade show exhibits that will truly garner attention, even in the biggest venues? Skyline ( can help. As an award-winning, international firm, Skyline will deliver a final trade show exhibit that maximizes ROI. Want to hear more? Visit their website today at:!

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