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Trade Show Exhibit Swag Your Customers Won’t Throw Away

It’s not hard to spot other attendees who are leaving a trade show exhibit. They’re loaded down with swag — items given to them by exhibitors looking to make a big impact. However, attendees can quickly become desensitized to and overloaded with common pieces of swag, which can mean that many pieces only make it as far as the hotel trash can. To help ensure that your giveaways return home with an attendee, use these tips before purchasing items.

Give Out Useful Items At Your Trade Show Exhibit

Search for something that has a useful and long shelf life before you decide what to give out. One such item is the reusable shopping bag. These bags can be used at the event to hold swag from other attendees, they pack up small so they don’t take up a lot of room in a suitcase and they can be used when the event is over, especially as major U.S. cities consider banning plastic grocery bags. Another useful item is a branded coffee cup or water bottle. Many people start their day off with a cup of coffee or tea (and many more use them as a pen holder on their desk at home or work) and everyone drinks water.

Focus On Return On Investment Instead Of A Bottom Line Price

When choosing swag, many exhibitors simply open up the catalog and go for the cheapest item they can find. While this can save money on your bottom line, it can also mean that you’re actually just throwing money away. What happens when you hand out a key chain? It’s doubtful that anyone will actually put it on their home or car keys and it will likely just sit in a drawer until an attendee just throws it away. Cheap pens are another item that will likely just get tossed out since they rarely work well and will probably get left behind or even thrown in the trash.

Instead, look for items that you believe will offer an actual return on investment. Look for something that will be used for years instead of mere minutes. Increasing the item’s life span can automatically increase its return on investment.

Consider A Giveaway At Your Trade Show Exhibit If You Can’t Afford To Spend A Lot

If you don’t have a lot of room in your budget, consider having just one giveaway for customers instead of spending thousands of dollars on swag for everyone. Customers will flock to your trade show exhibit for the chance to enter a drawing or correctly guess how many pieces of candy are in a jar, but if possible try to make the items in the jar relate to your company or industry. The giveaway should be valuable enough that people will want to enter but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Choosing your swag carefully can help increase traffic to your trade show exhibit, but it should be chosen carefully. Focus your search on a useful item with a great return on investment so that you can be sure customers are using your giveaways well after the event is over.

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