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Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Help Companies Focus On Employee Training

Professional trade show exhibit rental firms have the skills and expertise needed to create effective booths with powerful impact. Taking advantage of this opportunity provides companies with more time to focus on employee training, making them better able to attract and engage qualified prospects and beneficial business associates, while experts in the field design and develop your trade show exhibit rental.

Identify Goals For Your Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Before training can begin, companies must first identify measurable marketing goals for each event. Increased sales, more professional contacts, or building name recognition are common goals. Once these goals are identified, it is simply a matter of contacting a professional trade show exhibit rental firm, describing the goals and the budget, and letting them do the design and graphics development for you, while you focus on employee training.

Create A Script

The most effective way to ensure a clear, consistent message from booth jockeys is to develop a script. Scripts are developed around specific selling or marketing points. Development teams should include marketing managers, team leaders, and other personnel with a vested interest in the results. Brainstorming together can produce better results than leaving the job to an individual. They must also be geared toward specific goals and particular events. These are not one-size-fits-all products. Each situation is unique and must be treated accordingly.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing the script is critical to its success. Rehearsals can be fun for participants, but there must be someone present who can keep everyone focused and on task. Role-playing is a fun way to rehearse, and it increases the likelihood of improving the script, as employees work together, creating different scenarios. Booth jockeys should also be encouraged to practice the script in front of a mirror, coworkers, and a video camera. Most people are surprisingly unaware of how they appear and sound when they speak. Video provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate exactly how each employee looks, sounds, and comes across as they run through the script.

Train For ‘What Ifs’

Another important aspect of employee training is preparing booth jockeys for unique situations that may arise. Being prepared for difficult questions, difficult visitors, and minor emergencies makes it easier to respond automatically in ways that are favorable for the company. Training for these ‘what ifs’ can be done in the same way as the script rehearsals, using role-play, mirror practice, and video recordings. By seeing how these difficult interactions can play out, better responses and solutions can be formulated and rehearsed.

Become One With Your Trade Show Exhibit Rental

All the practice in the world won’t be effective unless booth jockeys and your trade show exhibit rental work together to attract qualified prospects and send a clear message about the company. This can be improved with clothing colors that complement the colors and design factors of the trade show exhibit rental. Booth jockeys should also be given time to practice the script within the display environment to reinforce what was practiced earlier.

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