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Trade Show Exhibit Management: Could Your Company Help Simplify Storage, Transport, And Maintenance?

The convention supplies industry has come a long way since the first exhibitions were held. It is no longer necessary for each company to take care of their own logistics. In many cases, taking on that burden yourself is a choice, rather than a necessity. New technologies have improved budget tools, staff scheduling, and tracking of leads and return on investment. Many companies now offer comprehensive trade show display management, including storage, transport, and even setup/takedown. Your company may not offer all of these, but they are available through today’s top companies. If you are struggling to manage any of these on your own, your business might want to consider working with a trade show exhibit supplier that will take on the burden for you.

Shipping Services

Shipping even the most portable displays can be a hassle unless your company has the tractor-trailers and trained drivers to handle the load. Most companies do not, which has led many convention suppliers to start offering their own staff and trucks for the task. Choosing a service like this often ensures the best handling of your units because they’re being packed and shipped by the people who designed them; they are much less likely to become damaged due to improper handling. In addition, you can be more confident that your shipments will arrive on time because they are being managed by a shipper that understands your time schedule. Check that the shipping route and method can be negotiated before choosing this for your trade show display.

Setup And Takedown Help For Your Trade Show Exhibit

Another common problem is difficulty setting up and taking down portable exhibits. Professional assistance makes the problem much less difficult. Some companies offer coordination of your staff, while others can actually tap into a worldwide network of setup and takedown experts who will manage all the details of handling the trade show display for you. You should be able to choose your level of involvement, which will range from completing the setup of the portable displays yourself with a bit of guidance to having the full unit set up before you even arrive.

Software That Helps Your Trade Show Display Run Smoothly

The original exhibitors could never have imagined how software and the internet would help make managing a trade show display and effectively pursuing leads an easier task. There are many programs out there to help track your visitors, and even to manage scheduling and other minutia of your trade show exhibit. Although they are effective when used alone, they can be more effective if you obtain them with the help of your design company. Some companies offer web-based tools which are integrated with the company’s own records and notes, automatically filling in some important details. From budget tools to scheduling and tracking return on investment, powerful software may be available directly from your company.

Finding A Supplier That Offers These Services

Not every company can provide this comprehensive support for their portable displays. Smaller firms won’t likely offer so many additional features. In fact, some of the services require a larger, multinational company with a worldwide network of staff. If your chosen firm doesn’t offer these tools, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a poor choice of a partnership. It may simply be too small, or have other reasons for not offering these benefits. If you feel that these would help you, it may be worth exploring other options, particularly if you feel dissatisfied with your current provider.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline Exhibitor Source, the leading producer of portable displays in Nashville ( Skyline Exhibitor Source offers a wealth of support services for each Skyline trade show display in Nashville (

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