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Trade Show Display Debut: Tips For Getting Results The First Time You Exhibit

Is your business poised to make its trade show display debut? If so, chances are, you already understand that first impressions aren’t just important. . . they are everything. With so many competing companies all vying for crowd attention, having a trade show display exhibit that captivates the attention of passersby can mean the difference between event domination and mere convention doldrums.

Making The Most Of Your First Trade Show Display

If you’re looking to get the most out of your trade show display debut, read on; understanding a few important tips for first time exhibitors can help ensure that you deliver maximum audience impact right out of the gate. When prepping for your first exhibit consider:

Exhibit space: Yes, you want to make sure that your trade show display gets noticed; however, that doesn’t mean that you have to rent the biggest space possible. Renting a smaller space (at least for your initial run) that still can accommodate the size of your booth can help you and your team iron out any process issues without incurring a hefty price tag.

Rental accessories: Did you know that many reputable trade show display designers also offer a comprehensive portfolio of rental accessories? Partnering with your design team can allow you to showcase various exhibit enhancements such as tables, chairs, shelving and even technology items such as flat screen monitors and e-tablets. You’ll quickly be able to set your business booth up to look like the industry leader it is. . . without worrying about purchasing items you may not need for future functions.

Open concept: No matter which items you choose to include in your trade show display, it’s important to keep your venue space as open as possible. In order to successfully encourage guests to stop inside your exhibit, you must provide them with a convenient access route. Don’t block off the entrance with a table; instead, keep the entry of your exhibit open so visitors can easily walk inside and see what your business has to offer.

Organization: In addition to keeping your space open, it’s also important to keep your area neat. Never overcrowd your trade show display with too many images, or try to overstuff the space with too many brochures and handouts. Keeping everything neat and effectively organized will not only help entice guests to stop in, it will also ensure they don’t feel over stimulated when they do.

Presentation/live demonstrations: Finally, when gearing up to wow the convention crowd, you must be ready to deliver a live presentation that informs and compels. Work with your team to create a live encounter marketing strategy that captures audience attention. From looping a client-focused presentation that outlines the many differentiators that your company offers, to working the crowd with a live product demonstration, having a plan on how to engage with the masses can help ensure that your company’s rookie run reaps the many benefits and rewards that your business deserves.

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