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Trade Show Catastrophes: Surviving The Worst

Even the most prepared companies can be faced with a disaster when they take a trade show display to an industry event. To help ensure that your company has a successful experience, make sure to have a contingency plan for the most common disasters. Knowing what these disasters are — and how to deal with them — can help ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Your Trade Show Display Arrives Damaged

To minimize the chances of damage, use special shipping cases made out of a hard molded plastic with foam cutouts so that every piece of the trade show display fits in securely without a lot of extra space.

Packing your exhibit carefully is vital, but it’s still possible for it to become damaged during transit. To be prepared to handle this, consider having an exhibit that can be configured in multiple ways. This way, if one element is unusable, it’s still possible to create a dynamic exhibit and no one will know that your booth is missing one element.

Your Flight Is Delayed And You Arrive Late

If your event is out of town and you need to travel, there’s always a chance that your plane could arrive late. Delays happen in every airport and if you’re planning on traveling the day of the event, you could have a big problem. Instead, plan to travel the day before the trade show begins to make sure that you have enough wiggle room in case there’s a delay.

Printed Materials Are Damaged Or Become Missing

Many venues allow you to ship your trade show display or marketing materials early so that you don’t need to worry about hauling them to the venue yourself. But, what happens if the venue floods, the roof leaks or your printed materials become lost or damaged? Make sure to bring along a USB or CD with digital copies of your marketing materials on them. Having these digital copies will mean that you can quickly run to a copy shop and have more printed. It might cost you a little bit of cash, but at least you’ll have something to hand out to your trade show display visitors.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Whether it’s just a paper cut or an injury that’s a little more serious, chances are good that you’ll need a bandage at some point at the event, which means it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit packed. Include items like a stain remover stick, dental floss, baby wipes, a lint roller, bandages and first aid ointment to keep your staff looking their best at the trade show display. If you have the room, also include permanent markers in a variety of colors, tape, extra hook and loop tape and extra pens to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Assume The Internet Won’t Work

No matter what venue you’re in, it’s not uncommon for Internet access to go out at least once during the event. If your trade show display elements depend on the Internet, make sure you have a smart phone or Internet card so that you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Planning for a catastrophe is an easy way to make sure that you’re prepared for a successful marketing expo. With the right preparation, you’ll be able to handle everything that comes your way.

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