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Trade Show Booths: How To Use Yours To Get Your Small Business Noticed

Participating at industry events can prove an invaluable component in any business’ promotional repertoire. Companies in virtually every industry can use these live marketing events to tap into an almost limitless range of perks and benefits. From helping to enhance brand recognition to providing a forum for companies to unfurl their latest products and services and a wide range of perks and plusses in between, trade show booths have firmly established themselves as a go to promotional resource for businesses in any operational niche.

While companies with almost any core competency can benefit from utilizing trade show booths, it’s important to note that these live event resources should never be treated as a “one size fits all” strategy. Every industry touts its seeming “giants” or most easily recognizable consumer brands. If you’re currently manning the helm of a small or start-up company, it’s important to recognize that you may have to use a slightly different convention approach in order to ensure you stick to your exhibit budget yet still yield the results needed to justify your overall expenditures.

Best Leveraging Results With Your Trade Show Booths

Feeling overwhelming by the prospect of going head-to-head with industry leaders at the next live encounter? You’re not alone. Fortunately, it is possible to implement just a few strategies and techniques with your displays to help ensure that your small business gets the attention it deserves at the next promotional function. When finalizing your exhibit layout always:

Know the venue: Want to give yourself an edge over your biggest competition? Research the venue in advance. Knowing the showroom can help you determine the best place to exhibit to ensure you garner as much attention as possible throughout the event.

Maximize your available space: No matter what size trade show booths you’re exhibiting, it’s critical for your business to maximize visual appeal throughout your allotted space. If you have a smaller exhibit, such as a table top system, always complete the look with a table, chairs, shelving, and high-tech accessories to ensure your trade show booths hold their own amongst larger, more elaborate displays.

Tap into technology: Utilizing innovative technology throughout your exhibits is a great way to help your business distinguish itself as a savvy, trendsetting organization. Set up laptops, flat screen monitors and even e-tablets throughout the stand to help guests search for information and/or view your latest company promotions and you’ll instantly be deemed a well-established industry expert.

Offer a great handout: Crowd freebies can prove a great way to level the marketing convention playing field amongst industry giants and newbies alike. It’s important to always strategize your final giveaways to find something that’s fun, functional and not being given away by ten other convention participants. Find something that will excite the crowd and encourage them to get a closer look at what your business has to offer.

Once you’ve best leveraged your trade show booths to compel visitors to check out your services and wares, it’s imperative to have a team manning your booth that can keep them there. Role play and practice live client dialogues well before the convention itself to not only ensure that your booth staff is ready for anything that comes their way, but to also help your business establish itself as an industry superstar in its own right.

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