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Trade Show Booth Design Ideas: Which Ones Make The Most Sense For Your Business?

Making the initial foray into the marketing convention arena can be an exciting time for any business. The benefits of convention participation are virtually endless. What better way to announce to the world (and the competitive masses) at large that your organization is a force to be reckoned with? Coupled with the opportunity to proactively engage with a crowd of attendees that actually want to hear what you have to say, it’s tough to beat the return on investment that trade show displays deliver.

Designing A Business Tradeshow Display Can Feel Challenging

However, with any powerful marketing medium, success requires careful consideration of various details throughout the planning phase. Which events to attend, how many staff members to send and even which handouts should be used at different venues all warrant focus and execution to ensure maximum impact. However, before all the other details can fall into place, it’s important for business leaders to focus on one primary priority first: the final trade show display that will be used at every event.

The Tradeshow Display: Three Basic Models

With so many trade show booth design ideas to choose from, it’s easy for business leaders to feel almost instantly overwhelmed. However, there are a few tips that can help make the tradeshow display process less daunting. Understanding some key differences in trade show booth design ideas can help ensure that your company chooses the ideal model that will best complement your company’s overall goals and objectives. Keep the following three styles in mind during the design process:

Island Exhibits: Island exhibits are the largest tradeshow display options offered. Running in size from 30′X30′ down to 20′x20′, these grand and elaborate models deliver a major “WOW” wherever they are. Due to their size, these options allow for an endless list of customized amenities and features that are perfect for companies that attend large-scale events all year long. However, it is important to note that these large exhibits can prove restrictive in various venues that may not allow for bigger booth footprints.

Modular Stands: Modular stands are slightly smaller than their island exhibit counterparts, but certainly no less impressive. These models offer business owners a high range of customization options that will quickly garner attention and promote brand identity in any size venue. Plus, unlike larger models, many modular stands can be set up quickly by internal employees to save money on professional handling and set up.

Portable Trade Show Displays: Don’t let their smaller statue fool you! Portable trade show displays also deliver countless customization amenities and crowd pleasing bells and whistles – all in one easy to transport package. Portable trade show displays are ideal for businesses that want to impress the crowds at every event, but also want eliminate the hassle of expensive shipping, setup, etc. From brand specific color schemes and marketing slogans to eye-catching, informative graphics and pictures, the sky is the limit when it comes to trade show booth ideas for these portable stands.

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