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Trade Show Banners And Booths – Tips In Increasing Traffic

Exhibiting at trade shows allows both start-ups and established companies to reach a varied audience of potential consumers.

These marketing conventions provide the perfect setting for generating prospective leads, expanding networks, identifying trends, and assessing the competition.

Trade shows are the ideal place for companies to promote and demonstrate their product line to a large number of new prospects.

Trade show displays are employed by exhibitors to unveil their latest products and services. These display devices come in different configurations, but all are designed to draw audience attention to the exhibit space.

However, putting together an exhibit display that stands out among the rest of the competition is a difficult task considering the number of exhibitors at every trade event.

Incorporating trade show banners into your display can provide added visual impact that can increase foot traffic to your trade show display.

Trade show banners are effective tools in imparting your marketing message to attendees and visitors. These banners can help increase brand awareness, elevate visibility, and highlight main selling points.

Trade show banners consist of eye-catching graphic images and catchy taglines to entice audience to visit your exhibit space. Graphic images can be printed on either vinyl or fabric banners.

Graphics printed on vinyl banners have sharper and more striking images. Fabric banners don’t have glossy surfaces, which make them easier to read, and they are highly durable as they don’t wrinkle easily.

Trade show banner stands are portable devices that provide the framework to support your banner displays.

Common banner stand configurations are telescopic or pole tension stands, X banner stands, L banner stands, motorized scrolling banner stands, retractable banner stands, and outdoor banner stands.

Telescopic or pole tension stands consist of telescopic support shafts with height adjustable features. Graphic images mounted on pole tension stands can easily be switched out, thus adding to its flexibility.

X banner stands, as the name suggests, have an X-shaped support frame. These display stands include hubs that secure your graphics tightly in place. L banner stands form an L-shaped framework.

The lower angle of the stand supports the entire frame while the upper angle holds the banner. The X and L banner stands are considered to be the cheapest and most portable of all display stands.

Motorized scrolling banner stands have two models: floor and ceiling-mount. These display stands are designed to scroll your graphic images in continuous motion.

Retractable banner stands are also known as roll up banner stands or pull up banner stands. These banners consist of retractable mechanism that allows you to roll the graphics up or down.

Retractable banner stands are convenient to use because of their easy set-up and take down features. Outdoor banner stands, as the name implies, are mainly used for outdoor display.

These banners have a weighted base that allows the display to withstand strong winds.

Trade show banner stands are vital to the success of your exhibit. When strategically placed, these display stands can help increase brand recognition and effectively communicate your target message across the convention floor.

Eye-catching banners spell the difference between a mediocre exhibit and an exceptional display.

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