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Top Tips For Reaping Maximum Results With Your Business’ Trade Show Exhibit

Gearing up to make this the best year ever for your business’ trade show exhibit schedule? The secret to success often hinges on having a well-detailed plan of execution for every event. When creating your outline of ways to ensure you’re optimizing return on investment, be sure to consider the following tips to help your trade show exhibit outperform the competition.

Pointers For Trade Show Exhibit Success

Get specific about your goals: Have you and your team discussed the specific goals you have as a company? If you haven’t, you may be surprised at how varying everyone’s goals may be. Gather up your team and create a detailed, specific outline of your company’s specific goals as well as a list of ways to achieve them.

Tell the masses: Never rely solely on the venue you’re working at to promote the event for you. Take to your social media pages, website and even your email contact list to start heralding your attendance to the masses. Hearing from your business directly can help encourage them to seek out your booth first during the function.

Compile your responses: Gather up your team before the function and brainstorm any and all questions you may be asked at the convention. Once you have your completed list, work with each other to generate responses that not only provide information, but also keep the conversation moving towards a closed sale.

Stand at attention: All too often, employees working a trade show exhibit hide behind a table throughout the duration of the function. However, sitting down can prove a surefire way for your team to get overlooked during the event. Get your team to stand out in front of the booth with energetic enthusiasm so passersby can see them before your competitors.

Ask for a meeting: Have a list of prospective clients that you’d like to have a face-to-face meeting with during your stay at an event? Ask. When they arrive, treat it as you would any other client appointment with drinks and refreshments as well as a specific presentation that outlines why they should be doing business with your team.

Let your booth help dazzle: Yes, having a poised and professional staff attend a function plays an integral role in the overall success of your organization at any given trade show exhibit. However, it’s important to not underestimate the value of the booth itself. In a sea of exhibitors, it’s okay to include some flashy features designed simply to garner the attention of the crowd.

Take notes: As soon as visitors leave your booth, take a few moments to write down notes on the most critical parts of your conversation. Even if you don’t have a notebook available, scribbling down a few thoughts on the back of a business card left behind can help with future conversations.

Get in touch: Speaking of follow-up conversations — be sure to have them soon. Following up with visiting guests at your booth soon after the event has ended is a great way to keep the dialogue moving and prove to prospective clients that your company has the organization needed to manage their business going forward.

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