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Top Ten Elements Of A Great Content Management System — SEO And Beyond

There are countless content management systems available on the web that tout how great they are, but how do you know which one is the best fit for your company website? There are several key elements that any decent CMS should have if it’s really going to serve your company website well and make it easier for you to renovate, update and organize articles and blog posts effectively. If you find a CMS that has the following ten characteristics, you’re on your way to turning your current website into an Internet powerhouse that you can use now and in the future to maximize your ROI.


It’s a deceptively simple word. In fact, making a content management system easy to use for those of us who aren’t literate in HTML or coding is an intricate task. Look for a CMS that’s popular with a variety of industries. Chances are, if it’s used by industries that aren’t traditionally “tech friendly,” its popularity is due to its easy, intuitive format. You should be able to add SEO articles, blog,upload images and use video easily without having to know much more than how to log onto a social networking site.

2. Control

Once you have a website up and running, you don’t want to have to call the design company every time you want to post to your company blog or edit your list of products and services. That can cost a lot of money and isn’t necessary with today’s CMS templates. If you can make changes on your own schedule, you’re in control (where you should be).

3. Virtual Location

If your CMSresides in-house, it means you can’t update it unless you’re in the office or on your company’s private intranet. That means no ability to update when you’re on the road. Choose a system that runs in your web browser so that you can update your website from virtually anywhere, including your smartphone.

4. SEO Friendly

Not all content management systems or website hosting options are inviting to search engines. While SEO is important in itself, it’s also important to use a program that most search engines are automatically attracted to.

5. Flexibility

Some systems are self-contained and complete as they are; others give you access to a variety of plug-ins that can help you create a variety of useful features, including online contact forms, videos, maps, calendars of events, photo galleries and social media streams for SEO. Look for a CMS that has a variety of professional looking plug-ins for maximum website exposure across multiple platforms.

6. Scalability

Can the CMS you’re using grow with your business? Will it evolve as you add new products, services or divisions to your company? If you need ten pages now but will need ten thousand SEO pages within a few years, your CMS should be able to keep up with your growth no matter how fast you develop.

7. Automatic System Updates

Don’t you hate it when you have to take the time to update a software package your company’s using, only to discover that the updates will render it incompatible with other software you’re using? The best content management systems evolve alongside popular software programs and make it easy for you to automatically update without having to worry about compatibility issues.

8. Simple Customer Interaction

When you’re adding new articles to your website or posting information on your company blog, you naturally want others to read the information, but it’s even better if they comment on the article, respond to your blog or fill out a contact form. It’s easy to generate buzz when your website’s content management system offers visitors lots of ways to interact with your company online.

9. Easy Customization

Some content management systems give you limited options and are difficult to customize. Don’t be satisfied with a CMS that demands that you change your content to fit its templates. Instead, look for one that offers a wide variety of themes that are simply a jumping-off point and that can be customized to fit your brand.

10. Blogging Is Built In

The best CMS programs have fully-fleshed blog capabilities that you can use with your other web pages to give visitors more bang for their buck. You can post SEO content that will drive visitors to your company pages.

Finally, keep in mind that the right content management system is the one that works for you and your business, not the other way around. Ask for a free demonstration or take the program for a virtual test drive before choosing. If you choose wisely, your company website will be a multi-functional, interactive powerhouse with great ROI.

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