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Top 5 Cheap SEO Packages To Boost Local Online Presence

Local businesses survive and thrive through a strong supply of repeat customers and a percentage of new clientele. Having a presence online is a way to approach and win new customers in a cost effective way. In this article you will find five ways your SEO consultant can promote your business online.

Search engine marketing is a very competitive field. The best consulting agencies use the most up to date strategies and will have various cheap SEO packages available for any business here are the top 5.

1. Press Releases
Press releases are very powerful. Well written, concise press release can have a huge impact online for many reasons. Firstly, credibility. I’m sure you watch the news every night and believe the stories revealed. Well the same can be said of a press release, a well written press release will make its way into Google News, and onto Google’s first page.

Also, from a credibility standpoint, every single press release, your company publishes will earn you a citation. A recommendation, which promotes your business’s reputation and authority online. Secondly, Rankings. Regular keyword optimized press releases can have a massive impact on your website’s search engine position, as the links from press release sites carry more weight in terms of popularity.

2. Business Directories
If your small business is going to succeed online then business directories are so so important. And as a low cost search engine marketing tactic this really packs a punch. There are literally hundreds of business directories, some more powerful than others in terms of credibility and link power.

The most powerful being Google+ Local closely followed by Yahoo Local Business Directory, most of these directories are free, but some are paid submission, in fact most of them offer both options like and Yelp. The benefits of directories again come in the form of citations which give a massive boost of credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

3. Social Media Optimization
If your business does not have any social media channels, then your business simply does not exist online. Having a solid social media platform allows you the opportunity to engage fully with your target audience. But it also gives you the technology to integrate all your social media activities.

You can synchronize your content output across multiple social media platforms engaging a wider audience, and at the same time saving yourself the tedious task of repetition. Social media engagement is one of the major ranking factors for all SEO today. If people are not looking, sharing, or tweeting about your business, it does not exist online.

4. Video Marketing
Video submission and sharing is a powerful tool to effectively promote your business online. As cheap SEO packages go this is one of the best. And here’s why video’s are extremely popular, they are hugely engaging, and at this moment in time they are very easy to rank on the first page of Google, if properly optimized.

If a video is search engine optimized correctly, it will rank on the first page of Google in a few weeks, sometimes days depending on the keywords selected. The benefits are obviously the fact you can actively engage with your audience directly with the videos and the link power you can pass onto your own website from the videos.

5. Web 2.0
This is not a new strategy, but everyone assumes post Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird that backlinking from web 2.0 properties is dead. On the contrary, it’s very much alive. However, it must be more sparse and diverse.

One should use web 2.0 properties as a tiny fraction of an overall SEO plan, not as the entire campaign as many SEO practitioners have in the past. These are just some of the affordable SEO bundles you could get from an expert SEO professional to kick start the online domination of your business.

Watch this video if you’re interested in cheap SEO packages for your local business in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and North London. Alternatively, check me out on Google+ follow this link to learn more about cheap SEO packages.

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