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To Rent Or Not To Rent? How To Ensure You’re Choosing Wisely With Your Company Trade Show Exhibits

Businesses of all sizes and scopes often struggle with the decision of whether or not to engage in trade show exhibits. Sometimes, executives are merely carefully weighing the pros and cons of entering the marketing convention circuit for the first time. Still, other times these corporate entrepreneurs are convention veterans and have found themselves tasked with calculating the benefits of continuing to set up their trade show booths. Regardless of the main motivational factor, deciding whether or not to set up trade show displays at industry events often comes down to a simple math equation – bottom line costs.

Renting Can Make An Ideal Option For Customized Trade Show Booths

It’s no secret that in order to participate effectively in trade show displays, businesses need to invest in customized trade show booths guaranteed to stand out in the crowd and grab the attention of the wandering masses. It’s even less of a secret that these distinctive trade show booths and stands can incur a significant expense. Fortunately, the decision to invest in a trade show exhibit is no longer black and white. Many reputable design firms are now offering rental options as an acceptable shade of gray.

Does Renting Make Sense For Your Business?

Like any major expenditure, it’s important to carefully consider the many details that renting an exhibit incurs. First, it’s imperative to put together a plan that outlines all the annual industry events that your organization is considering attending. Once you’ve created this prospective participation plan, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I planning on attending enough events to warrant an outright purchase? Companies that are looking to test the waters of the event circuit, or are thinking about only engaging in a few functions can truly benefit from renting a unit. Your business will only incur the expense of the rental when needed. Otherwise a purchased stand can spend more time collecting dust in a storage facility than actually on a showroom floor.

What type of space do my events offer? Different venues offer various floor plans for exhibitors. Reference your new list of potential upcoming events and determine what type of space each function room allows. Renting a booth makes sense if the space provided varies since your business will be able to receive a customized look that will fit perfectly in any size exhibit area. Additionally, renting a booth gives you the freedom to choose one or two events to “go big” at. Simply rent a larger scale display for these functions at which you’d like to have a more grand presence and eliminate the need to purchase various sized exhibits for different sized venue halls.

How consistent is my business look? Some companies offer such an extensive line of services and products that their exhibit presentation is constantly changing. No business can afford to continuously purchase new booths to keep up with their ever-changing list of offerings. Renting a unit that can undergo tweaks and modifications at each event is the perfect solution to ensure that your business always has its freshest face on for the perusing crowds.

Can I even afford to buy outright? This is perhaps the most important question to consider. If the answer is a definitive “no,” looking into a rental option can prove an ideal way for your organization make a tentative foray into the convention arena without absorbing too much initial overhead.

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