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Tips About Social Bookmarking

Social networking single-handedly changed the way people share information with others. Search engines remain as a valuable tool for finding the sites you want to check out but social networking provides a better statistic on what content is really rising in popularity. The success of these social networking platforms sparked some derivatives with one being social bookmarking. Think of social bookmarking as an online service where you share links to websites the same way you would share pictures or videos in a typical social networking site. Some people may also see a social bookmarking website as a convenient service for backing up links so they can access them from other computers or mobile devices. But before of the social networking aspects, social bookmarking sites can be used as useful tools for growing a business website.

If you are familiar with SEO or search engine optimization, you should know how important it is to get lots of backlinks so your site’s popularity in search engines increases. Posting a link to the site you want to advertise in a social bookmarking site can count as a backlink since social bookmarking sites allow you to post public links. This means that people can come across your link even if they are not registered with the social bookmarking site.

It is better though if registered members see your site because it is easier for them to bookmark your link as well if they like what they see. Most social bookmarking sites keep track of how many times a link has been bookmarked so visitors can get an idea on how popular the link is. Because of the ease of sharing a link with other connected members, there is a possibility for your link to be a viral hit where you attract tons of people just because a few people shared your link.

If you have only one website to promote, all you really have to do is register in a social bookmarking site and submit your link. Add a good description and a few tags too so people can easily discover your link. Once you are finished, you can move on to another social bookmarking site and repeat. Social bookmarking sites are not so difficult to use and the effort is worthwhile since the links you post should remain permanently on the site providing that as the link does not violate any rules.

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