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Three Ways To Create An Effective Marketing Mix For Your Business

Struggling to successfully bring your brand to the consumer masses? You’re certainly not alone; building a business in any industry requires careful attention to your final marketing mix in order to yield the desired final results. Even if building a successful marketing program seems straightforward enough at first, many entrepreneurs quickly realize that the process can begin to feel daunting.

Naturally, printed handouts are a given staple in any campaign. But what about including other methods? There are a slew of traditional and online promotional tactics available for businesses of every size and scope. Deciding which ones can help propel your brand to the masses (without irreparably damaging your bottom line) can prove challenging for even the most focused marketer.

Trade Show Stands: The First Step In A Successful Marketing Program

Fortunately, it is possible to create a streamlined and effective advertising campaign that not only gets your business brand in front large groups of consumers, but, more importantly, large groups of prospective clients that are actually part of your targeted demographic. What’s the first step in a successful, comprehensive campaign? Purchasing customized trade show stands.

Using trade show stands at live encounter functions delivers an unparalleled range of features and benefits that include:

* Exposure to a high concentration of a specific consuming niche
* Ample access to affiliation contacts
* Extensive opportunities for leads and client base expansion
* Grand scale brand exposure

And much, much more. Delivering such impressive results makes it easy to see why trade show stands are a proven component in virtually any effective promotional approach.

Beyond Trade Show Stands: Incorporate Two Effective Online Methods As Well

Of course, trade show stands aren’t the only way to enhance a print campaign within your organization. Tapping into the limitless power of online promotional tactics can also help consolidate your advertising efforts. Partnering with a professional provider to create original, unique and effective content is the best way to ensure that every article, blog and website associated with your organization is maximizing impact on your targeted audience.

What’s the third and final step toward achieving the ultimate marketing mix for your business? A social media campaign. Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that, in today’s global economy, beating out the competition is often all about online word of mouth. Not having a social media campaign for your company can instantly put your business at a major marketing disadvantage. Having active and engaging social media pages for your organization can help you extend your brand’s exposure and connect with your clients in new, more meaningful ways.

Best of all, these three critical techniques do not have to be mutually exclusive advertising endeavors. Many entrepreneurs have discovered that they can often bring their trade show stands and online methods together for maximum impact. Writing online press releases and blogging about upcoming live events can help reinforce overall promotional image. Additionally, posting updates on social media pages during any exhibits and conventions proves an ideal way to enhance marketing impact for optimal return on investment.

As a leading provider of San Antonio trade show stands, Xtreme Xhibits helps customers in every industry make their mark at live encounter marketing events. If you’re ready to dominate the showroom floor, Xtreme Xhibits ( can help. Visit their website today at for more information!

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