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Three Ways Blow Up Displays Are Changing Trade Show Dynamics

It seems like every year there is a new entry on the trade show floor that’s trying to be everything to everybody or at least trying to make a splash that will be memorable. The problem is that, in most cases, there is a trade-off. For great looks you have to sacrifice easy installation. Or if you want easy installation and shipping, you have to sacrifice content or impact. But this year, there’s a new entry in the event arena that will be making headlines: inflatable displays.

“Blow Up” In The Best Sense

Some people hear “blow up” and immediately think of incendiary devices. Others recall the trendy but somewhat silly air dancers that you often see flapping around in front of the grand opening of a local auto dealership or consignment store. Fortunately, one of the leading suppliers in the industry has moved beyond the gimmicks and now offers inflatable booths that look professional, are durable, and will eloquently convey your message. How do they manage to pull all of this off? By sticking to three basic principles:

Reduced Need For I & D

Anyone who has worked the conference or convention floor knows that there is nearly always a need for I & D, or Installation and Dismantle. This is the bug-a-boo that most companies face at some point because they simply don’t have the manpower or time to train their people in how to efficiently install and dismantle their trade show displays. While their staff may be well-versed in how to generate leads, they are often stumped by the need to assemble a complex exhibit using a variety of tools. With inflatable displays, however, it can be as simple as attaching an air pump to the air bladders that hold the elements together and letting the exhibit assemble itself. In just a few minutes, the entire exhibit is up and ready to go without having to pay for a professional I&D team that would have charged an arm and a leg for putting together your exhibit. The result? Money you can spend elsewhere to advertise or generate leads. You’ll also end up with fewer unexpected “snafus” that could cost you a significant amount of money to correct.

Leveling The Playing Field

Most small- and medium-sized businesses feel that they have a distinct disadvantage at trade shows and industry events because they simply don’t have the same generous marketing budget that Fortune 500 companies have. The good news is that by using blow-up displays, smaller companies can dramatically reduce the costs associated with displaying at venues of all sizes. Rather than worrying about the cost of drayage or trying to compare the shipping costs from one event to another, these smaller companies can simply deflate, pack and take their blow up displays with them. While others are waiting for delivery of their various exhibit elements, today’s savvy companies can quickly inflate lightweight, inflatable elements they brought with them as carry-on luggage. It levels the playing field by giving smaller companies the opportunity to compete with the big guys without having spent money like them.

Easy Cleaning Of Blow Up Displays

Trade shows and conferences may seem like well-oiled machines to the outsider, but the reality is that, at some point, you’re likely to experience a problem with your display. It may have gotten dirty in transit or it may simply look dingy after countless days on display. Fortunately, today’s blow up displays are easy to clean because they are constructed of lightweight, durable materials that are easy to clean. All you need is a gentle spot-cleaning solution or access to a reliable dry cleaner for smaller smudges or spills. If you need to wash the entire display, the cloth graphics can be easily removed and sent to a dry cleaner or tossed in a commercial grade washing machine. What could be simpler or more efficient? Today’s dirty exhibit can be tomorrow’s vibrant, graphic display and trade show exhibit for the cost of a wash cycle!

The blow up displays that will soon be popping up around the country on trade show floors and at industry events offer that ideal of versatility and easy care that has been the holy grail of companies and event planners for decades. And now you have access to it all, so step up and try it out. Like your customers, you’ll be amazed in all of the best possible ways!

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