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Thinking Outside The Product Box: Know What Else To Promote At Your Trade Show Stands

Any entrepreneur that has ever set up trade show stands at an industry event recognizes that these functions focus on one primary business item: product. Whether touting tangible merchandise or showcasing specialty services, trade show stands, banner stands and pop up displays all usually revolve around highlighting the products any given organization offers to the consuming public. Organizations that participate in these exhibits fully stock their booths with samples and even prototypes of yet to be released items in hopes of successfully proving themselves to be the superior brand.

Trade Show Stands Can Highlight Many Company Coups

Yes, it’s true that a heavy focus on product priority within trade show stands should never be overlooked. However, it’s important to remember that there are many things that a business should actively promote with their pop up displays and exhibits. Understanding a few of the most relevant items to market in booths and on pop up displays can help ensure that your organization is effectively thinking outside the product box and delivering a comprehensive promotional approach to marketing convention attendees.

Items To Consider Promoting At Trade Show Stands

In many ways, your team’s booths, pop up displays and even banner stands can actually act like a large and elaborate press release that is perfectly suited to blast current internal events to the crowd an industry events. Once you’ve worked with your professional vendor to design exhibits and pop up displays that accurately and appropriately depict your company’s product prowess, consider also incorporating the following internal entities in some way:

Recent Awards & Recognitions: This may fall under the “shameless self-promotion” category, but tooting your own horn at marketing conventions is an excellent way to catch the eye of passersby and encourage them to get a closer look at what your company offers.

Current Partnerships & Affiliations: Listing your company’s partnerships and affiliations is an excellent way to give visitors a better understanding of what your business really is all about. Put them on a glossy flyer to distribute or even list them somewhere on the exhibit itself to help generate a conversation about this important corporate dynamic.

Relevant New Hires: Did your organization just hire a noteworthy industry leader to help bring the team to the next operational level? This is excellent information to share with the potential client pool milling about at these industry events. Be sure to have your staff ready to share with every booth guest and, if relevant, have the new employee herself on hand to give an in-exhibit discussion on the company’s upcoming plans.

Updated Website: Remember, even the best designed and most intuitive websites are only as effective as the number of online visitors that check it out. If your business has recently unveiled a new, optimized online presence, be sure to include an announcement somewhere within the exhibit. One great way to get the word out? Have the updated site address placed on giveaways handed out from the trade show stands. This will help encourage every guest to log on and learn more about what your business has to offer long after the marketing event is over.

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