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Think There’s No Place For Smartphones And Tables In Your Trade Show Exhibits? Guess Again

When it comes to flawless sales execution, we all know that cell phones of any type usually epitomize the ultimate “business no-no.” We’ve all experienced a pitch where the salesperson consistently gets distracted by the inundating flow of calls and emails swamping the smartphone that he just won’t shut off. Feeling like a non-priority we move on to give our business to an organization that actually values our time.

Yes, There Are Times When Handhelds Are Appropriate For Use In Trade Show Displays

Fortunately, many organizations recognize the importance of silencing handheld devices at critical selling moments. They’ve even extended their handheld restrictions into their conduct at trade show exhibits to ensure that every visitor that stops into their trade show display receives their undivided attention. However, they also understand that when it comes to successfully working business displays, there can be moments when smartphones and tablets actually prove to be excellent resources. The very latest smartphone and tablet innovations are slowly and steadily changing the mentality, allowing sales staff to have these products in their booths and stands at various times.

While it’s still never okay to allow smartphone distractions to hinder your customer-oriented attention span (as well as your execution of basic conversational manners) today’s savvy business leaders know and understand how to best leverage both smartphones and tablets in their trade show exhibits to ensure optimal event success.

How To Best Leverage Smartphones & Tablets In Your Business Trade Show Exhibits

One of the best ways to use handheld devices during conventions? Downloading appropriate apps. Whether downloading an app specific to your company and product line or even using apps that were engineered with marketing conventions in mind, these resources can help your business blast to the masses during the actual event and entice visitors to purposefully seek out your corporate exhibits for a closer look at what your organization has to offer.

Additionally, the benefits of tablets at marketing conventions are virtually endless. Many businesses are using these portable devices in lieu of carting around cumbersome laptops to industry functions. Use your tablets to stream a looping product presentation, display all your relevant marketing information or even keep one on hand to look up critical information in pinch. Your trade show display visitors will love using your tablets to read up on your organization and you’ll look like the cutting-edge industry leader that you truly are. Plus, it’s an excellent way to loosen up the crowd for your team as they begin to engage and connect with every guest.

Finally, don’t forget that your employees aren’t the only ones who should be bringing their smartphones into your trade show exhibits. Chances are, the wandering crowd will be full of individuals toting handheld devices. Give them something worth checking out – always have a QR code prominently displayed somewhere on your trade show displays. Visitors will love scanning your symbol into their smartphones and it can be a perfect opportunity for your staff to start up a face to face conversation!

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