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The Story Of Kieran Cassidy The Vehicle Advertising Seller

Kieran Cassidy co owned a company called Vehicle Seller services In its heyday the company employed more than twenty five people full time and had on average around two hundred new clients every week. The most clients in one week was a staggering four hundred.

The clients were all looking to sell their cars and Vehicle seller were responsible for selling thousands of cars a year. The advertisement was sold for 89 pounds until sold providing value for money. Incentives were also given to maximise the chance of a sale with the company offering the seller of the car a free warranty on any car.

Many people at the time were trying to sell their cars without the added luxury of a warranty and again thousands of warranties were taken and used by buyers and sellers. The company had a website that was receiving tens of thousands of hits a month from people looking to buy and sell cars. Advert descriptions were not limited to a certain amount of text enabling people with a large amount of information to gain from advertising.

Adverts could have as many as five photos and for an extra ten pounds you could have a gold service. As well as having a colour advert the company also had a database of buyers that the company would contact daily. These buyers were either emailed or called by a dedicated department and offered the chance to buy from paying sellers. This was all part of the service. A dedicated customer service department would also help people to add, amend details onto the system in cases of price changes and mileage changes.

The company eventually hit hard times through competition with various other matching companies slashing costs of advertising and providing a poor service. This gave the industry a bad name as sales people promised cheaper deals and more money for sellers. These buyers never materialised as sales people over valued sellers cars. The smaller companies were in the main untouchable as they would operate under the radar. Lots of companies had similar names to vehicle seller and would contact trading standards to complain about the service, unbeknownst to them that a lot of the time they were in fact talking about a different company.

Smaller companies would actually call up prospective sellers claiming to be vehicle seller and trade off the back of their name. Another common trait was to provide vehicle sellers customer services number to confuse sellers as to who they actually advertised with.

Sales people were poached and leaving in their droves for better wages, the smaller companies had no buyers departments or advertising overheads so could afford to pay the sales people more commission. In the end it was decided with the growing negativity around the industry and the fact that some of its best staff had left that the company would shut down. The company was wound up in 2006 with no debts.

Kieran Cassidy sells cars via text message. If you want to sell your car visit Kieran Cassidy can help.

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