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The Role Of Article Spinning In SEO

There are many techniques available that can make efforts at search engine optimization a lot more efficient, and one of which is article spinning. In this technique, a unique version of relevant content is placed on a chosen website or blog, either by rewriting articles that already exist on the Internet or by replacing certain elements of the article in order to produce a different viewpoint of the topic. The articles can be rewritten entirely or just parts of it.

What makes article spinning so beneficial to SEO is that it avoids penalties in the Search Engine Results pages (SERP) due to duplicate content. Spinning articles also carries fewer risks of copyright infringements, as the writer can produce multiple versions of the original content without any legal repercussions.

Although Google and other major search engines now implement measures designed to block spun articles from showing up on the test results, article spinning remains to be one of the most effective means of attracting visitors with only a modicum of investment. The spun article needs only 30% of its content to be rewritten, provided of course different words are used and without changing the keywords designated as tags for that specific website.

With a well-written spun article that caters to the right demographic, it will be a lot easier to attract people to visit a targeted website compared to that of using conventional marketing techniques to attract visitors. Copies of the article are also submitted and serve as one-way links to the targeted site, improving the page rank which, in turn, leads to more traffic and income to the website.

However, in order for article spinning to become effective at attracting searchers, certain conditions must apply. First of all, the spun article must be at least 30% rewritten and use different words to say the same thing without modifying the keywords used as tags for your website.

The article must also be well-written and relevant enough so that the right people will be interested enough to click the link to the target website to see whether you have other articles available that may interest them. Grammar and syntax must be taken into consideration as well, which is why one should never rely solely on article spinning software to spin articles as this may lead to the end product being unreadable due to word substitutions based only on synonyms found in the dictionary.

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