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The Passive Profits Program Is This A System That Actually Works

These types of programs are being released so fast simply because individuals know that people will buy them, and that is all the designers of the programs want. The Instant Passive Profits program is something that I bought to see what and how it works and this is my evaluation of that program.

To begin with on the sales page you will see a man talking to you, and letting you know that he has been where you are now. The web page itself doesn’t have any other content material on it, all you see is the buy link and of course the video itself. As you view the video you may think that the guy on the video is really telling you the truth. He goes on in the video clip explaining that all the products and solutions that are new products, are released the creators never tell you what the solution does. Now, the section of the video that threw up the very first red flag is that he also doesn’t let you know what his product or service is either. What he demonstrates to you is a piece of software that he enters a little information in and says that, that’s all you have to do.

Because you do not learn anything from the video clip I am going to tell you what this brand new program is. I got myself this program, mainly because I purchase just about every system that comes out to see if it is a thing that I can recommend to others. Well, after I bought the system and went through about 10 to 15 more, up sell pages I eventually got to the program. Of course I did not take any of the 10 to 15 up sells I was offered.

The program itself is simply a search engine URL scraper. The actual way it works is you take a specific keyword for what ever system your promoting and this software will do a search on the search engines and provides you the URL’s of the websites that are on the first few pages of the results. Now it gets better still, you are now required to sign up for a pay per view system and paste these URL’s into their system. Just so you realize becoming a member of this pay per view program will wind up costing you an additional $100. And truth be told it gets even better, they offer you the link to sign up for the pay per view program which is actually their affiliate link for that program.

Should you wind up watching the sales video you’ll be told that with very little work you can start getting huge levels of traffic and sales. They naturally, don’t tell you that when you buy their program you still need to fork out another $100 to “maybe” make this work. You can easily get these URL’s on your own by going to the search engines as well as searching for the keyword phrase. Therefore, for me this is a large waste of cash. In case your looking to get traffic, a system that I make use of and like is the “Magic Traffic Accelerator”.

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