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The Merchandise-Driven Trade Show Booth

Many conventions are hosted so that companies can make contacts and see what their competitors are offering. In these situations, they aren’t usually concerned with directly selling products at the event and aren’t using the trade show booth as a point of sale. However, these knowledge-based conferences are not the only way to use trade show stands. For many businesses, their convention presence is a point of sale, and everything from banner stands to staffing should reflect that.

Trade Show Stands As Point Of Sale

There are many situations in which a trade show booth could become a sales booth, but understanding who you’re selling to is crucial. You need to understand your audience and what they’re expecting from the event. Only then can you know how best to market your goods at that particular setting. For instance, if you’re going to exhibit at a convention where many others will be offering collectible goods for purchase, you don’t need to worry about overwhelming your visitors with sales tactics, because they’ll be expecting to buy. On the other hand, if the overall climate of the event leads visitors not to expect merchandise, you will need to ensure that your staff has been working on their sales pitch.

What Are You Selling?

Most successful event day sales are of smaller items rather than large contracts. Few will agree to buy something without mulling it over a bit, but an inexpensive item (such as the collectibles mentioned above) will tend to fly off the shelves. Now, that doesn’t mean that expensive items will never sell. It simply depends on the crowd. If you have a rare and valuable type of merchandise, publicize that fact as much as possible. In addition, be sure you can accept as many forms of payment as possible. At all costs, avoid taking cash only. At today’s events, few people are carrying cash or checks. If at all possible, be able to accept all major credit cards.

Organizing Your Products To Maximize Sales

Once you understand how to market your products based upon the expected attendees, you should focus on displaying everything you sell to its best advantage. If your exhibit is focused on selling smaller items, the best way to display is generally through a miniature store model. First, ensure that your current trade show booth is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your products. Then, use shelving to display much like you would in a retail store. You should have more products in reserve in case you sell out, but having the products on your shelves is a good way to communicate with customers and let them know that you’re a vendor.

Using Banner Stands To Highlight Your Best Deals

If you are competing against many other sellers, regardless of whether you’re offering a different product, it can often be useful to employ banner stands that advertise what you’ve got. Whether you have a lower price that sets you apart from your competition, or are simply selling something that few others do, using banner stands just outside your main area can make a big impact on how much foot traffic you see.

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