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The Importance of Marketing at a Trade Show

A trade show presents you with a prime opportunity to reach out to potential customers and other businesses. Connect with other entrepreneurs, get updated on current industry trends and secure future business opportunities.

Large and small companies can see significant benefits when attending a trade show and hosting a successful booth. Below, find information and tips on trade show success.

Network with Other Vendors and Businesses

When you attend a trade show, you are surrounded by likeminded companies. It helps to know the competition and see how they conduct their businesses. Trade show networking is also an effective way of establishing working relationships with businesses that could help you. You could become their vendor, or maybe they have something you need for your own business.

Most importantly, the contacts you make at trade shows could pay off by putting you in touch with even more people, perhaps potential customers.

Make an effort to not only man your booth, but to mingle with other exhibit hosts. Learn what others have to offer and exchange business cards.

Market to a Specific Demographic

One of the most significant benefits of trade shows is that the people in attendance are often there for a reason. These aren’t run-of-the-mill shoppers. These people have an interest in your field, and you should reach out to them.

Take advantage of the high concentration of potential clients and customers. Make personal contact with people and establish your brand. Face-to-face interaction with prospective clients can give you a significant advantage over other businesses that rely on standard advertising as a means of reaching an audience.

Be sure and tailor your booth to attract these key individuals. Stand out by showing clients and customers your products or services match their needs perfectly. Consider hiring a professional host or designer to develop a booth that attracts your audience.

Generate Business

Trade shows are ideal for networking, but let’s face it: You’re there to move products and generate business.

At a trade show, you have access to a wide pool of potential customers. Prepare your pitch accordingly, because a trade show presents your best opportunity to make face-to-face contact. You can pitch new products and services, or you could showcase what your skills are.

Consider promoting a single significant item, or offer a promotion so that trade show attendees leave with your information. As always, go for high exposure. A professional could help you establish your presence at a trade show so that you get the most for your money.

Mike Levi is a writer for Ion Exhibits (, a Chicago trade show booth designer dedicated to creating simple, effective displays for businesses attending any Chicago trade show exhibit.

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