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The Importance Of Education Marketing For British International Schools

A British education focuses on the development of the whole pupil. At primary level there is typically a great deal of scope for creativity and developing individuality in the classroom.

A British education can be continued and transferred globally. British institutions offer qualifications that are recognised internationally, and with those benefits in mind the positioning of overseas British schools continues to flourish and expand.

Marketing for international schools use proven methodologies which enable growth International School rolls, and the construction of a schools core proposition for its audiences. This enables teachers to concentrate on teaching whilst their school becomes recognised for its achievements.

International Schools often face the challenge of engaging with their core Expat Audience whilst at the same time engaging and growing their intake from their local community. Focusing on these two vital elements can bring an element of stability to their roll. The expat cultural background will be different to that of the local community.

Understanding how to position an International School in order to achieve this outcome is vital. Communicating in a simple way why the iBaccalaureate and iGSCE offer students the best opportunities to enter the worlds leading universities is also vitally important.

As International Education becomes more and more competitive it is increasingly important that International Schools focus on their market, branding and communication to position themselves as a different and better choice for parents and guardians.

Selection of a marketing company who is knowledgeable, focused and results driven is paramount to successful marketing. In particular a marketing company who has the capacity to respond in a timely fashion to a wide range of development needs may also be important.

The ideal marketing partner will be able to build strong and lasting relationships with International schools regardless of the location of the education establishment.

The foundation of any marketing conversation ought to begin with the question, what is the challenge that you face as an international school and what result do you want? A professional company will work and liaise directly with headteachers and their senior leadership team to ensure that the schools marketing objectives are achieved.

Types of results that an international school may look for include growing a schools roll, reputation management, repositioning a school in the public perception, gaining specialist status (including International School status, with the UK Department for Education), fighting a closure situation.

Specific service propositions from an education marketing company may include prospectus design and production, school web design, e-mail marketing, advertising, branding for example, logo design and strap line, public relations and much more. Often many aspects of the above are included in a marketing campaign.

If you need expert guidance in growing your International School or transforming the way it is perceived then you need to seek a professional marketing company who is experienced and knowledgeable in the international education sector.

Ben writes for award-winning Perfect Education based in Lancashire

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