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The Every Door Direct Mail And The USPSs Way Of Helping Local Businesses

Have you ever been frustrated on how difficult it is to advertise your newly-opened business especially if there are competitors in the area? How would you let the whole neighborhood know that you have something new to offer without having to pay for an expensive billboard? If you are still lost for an answer, you have read the right article.

If you have not heard of USPS EDDM Printing Services yet, then today is your luck since you are on your way to letting the whole neighborhood know about your business and in turn, gain some of your first ever customers.

To make it clearer, the United States Postal Service has thought up a way of allowing businesses to reach the homes of their consumers through mail. This is possible through the Every Door Direct Mail service. This allows businesses to send mail at an affordable postage rate directly to their consumers homes without the need for their names or addresses. As long as the business owner indicates the mail pieces as “Postal Customer” mail, then it automatically gets delivered to the neighborhood specified.

How to Avail of USPS EDDM Printing Services
- For local businesses
- Step 1: Log in USPSs website or register for a new business account.

Take note of your CRID (Customer Registration ID) for the Postal Service Form 3587.

- Step 2: Specify the areas you want to reach
USPSs online tool helps clients choose the mailing routes they prefer by city, zip code, neighborhood, or simply by target area. It also has a feature which identifies the current number of businesses and active households in the specified areas which helps in estimating postage.

Print out the documentation and take them together with your mailing to the post office.

- Step 3: Create you mail
Contact a reliable local print provider to start printing out your mail pieces. Make sure to create your mail pieces according to the standard specifications for Every Door Direct Mail.

- Step 4: Let them be in charge
Bring your mail pieces along with the necessary documentation to the local post office. You can pay for the postage rate by card, cash, or check.

- For larger businesses
- Step 1: Obtain a mailing permit
Skip to Step 2 if you have already secured a mailing permit.
- Step 2: Log in the USPS website or register a new business account
- Step 3: Specify your target areas of delivery
- Step 4: Start creating your mail pieces
- Step 5: Let them be in charge

As you can see, the only difference between local retail businesses and larger businesses is the need for the larger businesses to obtain a Mailing permit (which costs about $450).

Other than that, both types of businesses can get the same amount of quality service if they avail of USPS EDDM Printing Services. Not only will they be able to reach their consumers but they will also be able to do so at a very affordable postage rate.

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