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The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Blueprint to Earn Passive Revenue with Information Products

Yes, you can be spiritual AND make plenty of money at the same time. In fact, the secret to wealth is already within you. I believe you have a special spark inside that allows you to solve specific problems in your own unique way. And the beautiful part is…people will pay you to solve their problems with your special, core gift.

Imagine a way to positively impact the greatest number of people with your core gift. Imagine the tens of thousands of lives you can help…if you can only reach them. This “dream” is a reality for a select few conscious entrepreneurs who package and sell their knowledge into information products: books, eBooks (electronic books), audio CD’s, teleclasses, special reports, workbooks, live workshops, coaching programs, and many more.

The big mistake I see most conscious entrepreneurs make when they try to create info products is diving right into the content without first creating a strategy to create and marketing their info product. I will show you how to avoid this massive mistake so you create an info product that fully expresses your gift to the world while making you rich!

It starts by uncovering that unique spark within you.

Your Core Gift

Your core gift is the theme of your life expressed in all the things you do and love in life. Who you are – your unique strengths – are integral to the heart of your business. Look back over your life and you’ll see your core gift expressed everywhere. It’s in the games you played as a kid, in your past careers, and in your education path. And it’s probably why you chose to be a conscious entrepreneur.

Even countries have core gifts – it’s what they believe in as a core value, what they are known for. What do you think is the core value of America? Freedom! When you think of Germany, what do you think of? Order! How about Italy? Family! It’s the same in the arts – although you may not be able to put a word to it. Look at The Beatles. Their sound was so unique, it’s instantly recognizable. When you see a Picasso, you know it’s a Picasso.

You and your business are no different. What’s the core theme of your business? How do you bring your core gift to the people you serve? Your info products will come out of your core gift. This will help you distinguish your products and business from everybody else’s.

A Simple Exercise That Can Change Your Business Forever

This may sound simple, but it’s key to your success with info products – identify what your business is really about. Because many conscious entrepreneurs are borderline ADD, it’s important to hone in on one topic and create your products around that.

Here’s a simple exercise to find your topic that I think you’ll find very enlightening…

Imagine stepping into your local bookstore. Push open the door and feel that rush of cool air. Smell that new-book smell. Somewhere in this bookstore is your book. Think of your book as the embodiment of your business – it represents what your business is all about. (If you already have a book, still play along to make sure your business is on track.)

Stand in the bookstore and notice the signs hanging from the ceiling with general topics: fiction, history, self-help, etc. In your minds eye, start to walk towards the topic your book is under.

Standing under the sign of your general topic, look at the bookcases. Notice the sub-topics listed on the shelves. For example, under business you may find leadership, management, investing, etc. (To give you an idea, my sub-topic is marketing.)

Go to the shelf with your sub-topic.

Now imagine looking for your last name among the books and pick out your book. Remember, your book represents what your whole business is about so feel yourself pulling out your book. Look at the cover. What’s the subject of the book?

For example, in my business I go to the “Business” section first. My sub-topic is “Marketing” and as I pull out my book, I see it’s about “Info Products.”

You can do this exercise in real life. Go to your local bookstore this week and try it out. If you get stuck, go to the information counter and ask an assistant to show you books about ____ (Fill in the blank with general information about what you do.)

(As a side note, it’s really fun to see who your neighbors will be on the book shelves. Look up your last name and see who you’re next to.)

The Secret to Passive Revenue with Info Products

There’s a secret art to making money with your business topic…and that is not selling your topic. What people buy isn’t the tangible thing you sell – they buy the core benefit of what you sell. You buy a drill bit because you want a hole, not because you want another piece of metal around the house. You buy eyeglasses because you want clearer vision.

Imagine if you had to sell wall paint. Most people would talk about colors and price, but not you! As a savvy conscious entrepreneur you can tune into the bigger picture – you don’t sell paint, you sell happy walls!

Before creating your info product, get clear on what you’re really selling. People don’t buy information for information’s sake alone. It’s the bigger benefit people are buying – an end result.

Find the Niche That Makes You Rich

You may have been told you need a niche…and it’s frustrating to discover your particular gift. Most conscious entrepreneurs are good at tons of things – it’s hard to narrow down all your talents and passions to one thing. And everyone needs what you offer, right?


There’s a HUGE difference between what you think people need and what they actually want. No matter how passionate you feel about your subject, people only pull out their wallets for what they want. I personally love opera (It’s crazy – I know. I grew up listening to my Mom and Dad play Elvis and my brother play Led Zeppelin.) I think you should really, really go see an opera. There’s nothing else like it. In fact, go spend $200 to see an opera by Wagner. Sure they’re 5 hours long…but you’ll love it! You must go!


If you have no interest in spending money on opera, there’s no amount of “selling” I can do to change your mind. That’s why you only want to find people who are hungry for what you offer. “Everybody” is NOT your target market!

Here’s a simple technique to find your target market…

On a fresh piece of paper create two columns. In the left column list all the problems you solve with your Core Gift and business. In the right column list all the groups of people who need those problems solved.

Choose a group that looks like an obvious choice – they have a clear problem and they want what you offer.

Choose the Topic of Your Info Product

You now have all the important elements to create a winning info product: your core gift, your topic, and a target market. The next step is easy…choosing the topic of your info product.

You can make your life very easy or very hard here. The easy path is to simply ask your target market what they want most and give it to them. The hard path is to try to figure this out on your own.

Let your target guide you. Ask them what their single greatest challenge is around your topic. Another great way to identify what products to create is notice what people complain about the most. For example, if you teach sales, you may hear people complain that they don’t know to separate themselves from their competition. Simply take what they say and add “How to” in front – that’s your info product! For example, “How to Separate Yourself from the Competition for Greater Sales.”

Create Your Info Product

You’re now ready to produce your info product. This is also easy to do. Remember: you want to leverage your information, so one way to start is give a teleclass on your product topic. Record it, transcribe it and package it with some nice graphics. You’re ready to make money with your knowledge!

Info products are one of the simplest and best ways for the conscious entrepreneur to make money doing what they love. You already have the expertise hidden in your Core Gift – you’ve had it all your life. You now have the opportunity to share your gift with the world and fulfill one of your life’s purposes.

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