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The Colors Of SEO Marketing

When thinking of traffic, one thing always come to mind is SEO marketing. In today’s online scene where getting the most traffic and hits mean strong possibilities of leading the pack of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of websites all over the Net, having a powerful ally which can effectively deliver the rankings you need from major search engines is truly bliss. However, with more and more types of tactics and strategies out there, finding one that can work well with your objectives is definitely daunting.

Search engine optimization strategies are divided into three distinctive types. These are White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO. Each of this type of search engine optimization has distinguishing strategies used to achieve its purpose. For quite some time a lot of debate has been allotted on what is ethical and effective of these three.

As hygiene always is correlated with everything white, so are White-hat strategies that delve on ethical and by-the-rule standards. White-Hatters middle name is fair play, though, slower in delivering returns it is also revered as the most effective strategy with long-term impact. Grey-hat usually stays at the middle, like a spectator waiting for the first carcass to be thrown.

Black-Hat practices, on the other hand, are calculating and scheming tactics meant to attract quick-time results. Link farming, keyword stuffing and doorway pages are prolifically used to gather immediate results. Though, this has caused a tumultuous uproar in the past, recent development in search engine algorithms has nailed down such practices wherein websites that make use of its manipulative acts are penalized accordingly.

There is a lot of debate about the ethics of grey-hat practices. Some see it as ethical while others view it as something that should not be. Its most distinctive feature is content duplication. This may, too, have worked in the past but with today’s innovative algorithm and crawlers, detection of manipulative tactics can be easily done and penalization are swift making websites lose a lot of web presence.

When the idea is to enforce strong long-term presence, White-Hat is the way to go. The key here is to guarantee that all marketing protocol done online must not steer away from its ethical rules. Aside from reputation, it can also build strong authority for a website and its brand.

With this, your choice of SEO consultant is the very key that will determine your website’s efficiency in crawling search engines. Be clear of the website’s objective to your consultancy firm. Even a small deviation can cost your business a lot.

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