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The Case For Video: Argument And Evidence

It is not uncommon as media trainers to come across individuals, teams and sometimes whole companies who regard the media with a mixture of suspicion and fear.

I was recently in conversation with some senior people in a successful financial company when it became clear that a general suspicion of the media was extended to anything but the blandest web presence and certainly anything that smacked of new media, for example a web video.

This was a successful company that had evolved and embraced change in many other ways but when it came to marketing via media old or new, it was firmly in the last century.

Alongside media training I make videos of various sorts, often but not always for the web. The process of sifting information and presenting it visually does not always come easily, but as a professional broadcaster, I have no doubts about the benefits.
Below (I make no bones about the fact that my able cameraman provided me with the figures) I present a few facts and figures that I wish I had had to hand in that conversation in the city.

On video in general. Studies show a 500% increase in recall effectiveness over reading words alone, by stimulating other senses.

It provides a powerful way to engage directly with your customers, consumers, or any target audience.

If you are not yet convinced, research shows that one exposure to a video is equivalent to seventeen exposures of banner advertisement in terms of brand awareness, message association, brand favourability and purchase intent, which is the intention to buy to you and me. (Source Dynamic Logics MarketNorms database of 1,600 online ad campaigns from over 1.7 million respondents.)

Whats more, click through rates from video are between 200-700% higher than from images. (Source DoubleClick study of 300 online video ad campaigns placed by 130+ advertisers, from 2.7 billion ad impressions.)

And research also tells us that videos generate action from 44% of viewers. (Source: Online Publishers Association (OPA) study of 25,000+ internet users.)

For those of you who consider mass marketing campaigns as an effective way to get access to new clients or spend inordinate amounts of money on advertising I wonder if it is time to think again?

There is the digital communications revolution going on and the high end advertising industry is taking some heavy fire.
The financial services client that stunned me with their attitude to the media old and new, is now grasping the proverbial nettle: It has begun engaging with the media to promote itself.

Small beginnings are sensible and I am not expecting a series of full page exposes in the broadsheets or a slick corporate video suddenly appearing on the TV.

And for those of you already trained by us we all understand there is work to be done sorting out key messages, sizzling the language and finding the anecdotes, facts and figures to back it all up. Only then they will that company be really ready to engage!

I am convinced, however, that it, like many companies, will benefit from increased exposure to both the public and their clients.

Lindsay Williams is the MD of The Media Coach. With international experience, her London based firm provides expert media training. Go to for more information.

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