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While the number of cell phones continue to rise their sophistication grows as well. With a cell phone a person can check their email, make purchases, pay bills and even use GPS to locate other cell phones. Cell phones owners rarely leave home with out them and a vast majority admit to using them in the bathroom. Even while vacationing most people are not far from their cell phones even if they are far from their computers. With this knowledge in hand it only makes sense that organizations use this type of media to reach their audience in a timely fashion.

While the most common use of marketing text is for the retail and restaurant industries a growing number of schools and social groups are taking up the practice. Text message marketing is the best way to send out updates when you need people to read them instantaneously.

The reality of everyone being attached to their cell phone devices is perfect for schools and other social groups because at a moments notice the staff can send out a message regarding class cancellations, change of meeting dates or times and other up coming events to thousands of members at the click of a button.

Hectic lifestyles make it nearly impossible for the modern parent to touch base on a daily basis with the teachers and other faculty of the school their children attend. At the end of a long day it is not always practical to sift through the multitude of notices that arrive home every day and children often forget to mention any up coming events or special days. When schools utilize marketing text they can send out reminders regarding assemblies or P.A days directly to the parents cell phone. Most text messages are read within a minute of being received so the school can be assured that the parents of their student body have seen the message. This is not true of email, which can be forgotten and go unchecked for days and may lead to inconveniences due to missed notices.

Internally schools can use text message marketing to help faculty communicate with each other regarding issues in the classroom or student absences. If there is a sudden emergency that requires a quiet lock down then administrative staff can send a marketing text to the staff alerting them to the danger without causing panic among the students.

Teachers can utilize this mode of communication with their students by sending them texts regarding up coming tests and assignment due dates. Faculty and students can use marketing text to coordinate study groups offering the added bonus of being able to create one text to send to dozens of students with single click. The text message can include date, time, study topic as well as a map to the location of the meeting. Teachers are also able to use text message marketing to contact parents if the student is missing from class. This instant communication between parent and teacher helps each maintain a safe environment for all the students.

Marketing text has many practical uses that are now being realized as people use cell phones to their full potential.

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