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Taking Your Trade Show Exhibit To An Event? Do You Know What Your Top Focus Should Be?

Many businesses stress a great deal when they’re preparing to take their trade show exhibit to an event. They worry about how to meet new customers so they can increase their lead base, but there’s actually something else that they should focus on. If you haven’t made a customer retention plan, learn why keeping existing customers happy is more important to your business — no matter what industry you’re in. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore existing clients and how you can ensure that they’re happy with your service when they leave the event.

Why Are Existing Clients More Important Than Prospects?

When you’re trying to increase your company’s bottom line, you have two options — cut expenses or increase sales. Many businesses are surprised to realize that a 2% increase in customer retention can have the same effect as cutting their budget by 10%. When you focus on retaining current clients who visit your trade show exhibit, you can easily keep your budget the same without feeling a pinch.

Many businesses are solely focused on gathering new leads because they think this is the way to increase their bottom line. However, a study by Marketing Metrics has revealed that the chance of selling a new product to a new customer is between 5 and 20%. That’s a lot of work for not a lot of profit! The chance that you can sell to a current client is much, much higher — about 60-70%.

Why You Should Focus On Current Customers At Your Trade Show Exhibit

Another reason to focus on current customers is that it can cost six or seven times more to have a new client sign a contract than it does to simply retain a current one. Many times, businesses never realize that a client is unhappy. Many do not vocalize their dissatisfaction — instead they simply look for a new service provider.

How Can You Prove That You Value Your Clients?

It’s not difficult to prove to your customers that you value their business, especially when they’re in front of your trade show exhibit. If possible, have a special deal or gift just for current clients. While many companies give out special discounts to new clients, this can have current ones thinking that your company doesn’t value their loyal patronage so make sure that you have a special discount for them too. Also, try to ensure that you know about their business. If you’ve never met in person before (which is common in today’s e-world), brush up on their needs and try to have some new solutions that can help make their jobs easier or streamline their processes.

Making sure your existing clients are satisfied doesn’t have to mean ignoring new prospects, but it can be a balancing act. Before you take your trade show exhibit to an event, make sure that your sales staff is all on the same page and that they know how to treat a current customer.

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