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Taking Trade Show Stands To An Event: Packing Your Gang Box

If you’re new to taking trade show exhibits to an event, the term ‘gang box’ might be something you’ve never heard of. Simply put, a gang box is an emergency kit. Without a well-stocked gang box, you could be stuck going to the services desk after the event begins where even a simple roll of tape can come with a hefty price tag. Instead of being at the mercy of the services desk, pack your emergency kit with a few essential items. You may not ever need them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you took the extra step.

For You: Personal Care Items

Your trade show stands aren’t the only things that need emergency supplies. What happens if you cut your finger, get a pounding headache, or get a big smear of ink on your shirt? Without your gang box, you’re stuck. Leave room for a small collection of personal care items such as stain remover, bandages, over the counter pain relievers and more. Other important items include feminine products, wet wipes, gum or breath strips, a fingernail file and nail clippers. If the women working at your trade show exhibits are wearing pantyhose, consider adding some clear nail polish and spare pairs just in case they get a dreaded run in their hose. These items can help make sure your people put their best foot forward as visitors come by and view your banner stands.

For Your Trade Show Stands: Tools, Tape, Zip Ties

Your trade show stands may need a little help too. Make sure to pack some strong packing tape, hook and loop tape, spray glue, a mini flash light, extra batteries, screw drivers, zip ties and more. As you get more experienced in taking your trade show exhibits to events, you may realize that you don’t need everything, but that you should include things like felt pens (these are perfect for filling in the graphics in your banner stands if the ink has worn down a little), paper towels and cleaner and other items. You probably won’t have an unlimited amount of space, so take care to put things into three categories: things you know you’ll need, things you think you’ll need and things you don’t think you’ll ever use. Make a checklist of items as you use them so you can swap things out for more useful tools.

For Your Customers: Office Supplies

You probably won’t need to bring a lot of things for your customers, but it’s a good idea to pack a couple extra boxes of pens. There are two methods of thought to supplying customers with pens. You can send them home with a cheap pen that you purchased in bulk from an office supply store, or you can provide them with a pen that’s been branded with your name. What’s right for your company depends on your budget, so take a good look at your funds before committing to giving away branded pens to everyone.

When taking your trade show exhibits to an event, it’s essential to have a well-stocked gang box. Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been taking banner stands and other trade show stands to marketing events for years, ask your neighbors what they pack in theirs. You just might come across something you never thought of before.

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