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Tailoring The Shape And Style Of Banner Stands To Fit Your Message

Banner stands have become an integral part of most trade show displays over the years because they are portable and versatile. You can use them in small spaces by themselves or in larger areas as part of a cluster of stands or as an accent piece near an entrance. Even so, many businesses aren’t aware of the variety of styles and shapes available for these popular displays that make them even more versatile. Whether you’re investing in them for your business or renting them temporarily, take into consideration the uniqueness of each style so that you can choose the one that works best for your company’s message.

Linear Displays

These are the workhorses of trade show venues. They are incredibly versatile because they can be used in almost any space no matter how small. Their tall, lean good looks are perfect for a single, bold graphic or a simple word or phrase that runs vertically. They can be used to break up your booth space into separate areas and to lead visitors through each one. Because they take up very little floor real estate, they can be used to highlight the entrance to a room or in hallways where space is at a premium.

Curved Displays

These are a new spin on the more traditional retractable style that is most commonly seen on trade show floors. The gentle curve of the graphic is attention-getting simply because it has more movement and flow than a straight-edged style. It can convey a sense of movement and can be used as a stand-alone or connected to other curved displays to create a broader, more sweeping display.

Double-Sided Banner Stands

For twice as much impact, consider investing in a few double-sided banner stands that can be seen both coming and going so that you reinforce your message in visitors’ minds when they arrive and also when they’re leaving. It’s a lightweight alternative that’s less expensive than investing in more pieces. As an alternative, you can put two different messages on one banner stand so that you maximize the effectiveness without increasing expensive floor real estate.

Layered Looks

For added drama and depth, you can now buy layered displays that have two different lengths of fabric that overlap each other. For optimal impact, use contrasting graphics, colors or themes so that the visual layering really pops. This three dimensional effect can really capture attention and give the illusion of depth or movement for a truly impressive exhibit.

Changeable Graphics

If your company visits various venues over the course of the year, you know that you can’t always use the same elements at every trade show. At smaller venues, changeable graphics can save the day because you can switch out the graphics in your banner stands at every event, micro-targeting specific audiences each time with custom signage.

The evolution of banner stands has changed the landscape of trade show exhibits for the better by making it more affordable than ever to successfully target customers at venues of all sizes without overspending.

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