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Taboos You Can’t Break With Your Trade Show Displays

If you’re new to exhibiting, you probably have a lot to learn about what is and isn’t allowed at an event! The event organizers will likely send out a packet full of rules that you need to follow during the show. It’s an excellent idea to read through this rule packet so that you’re not accidentally breaking any taboos with your trade show displays. If you haven’t yet had time to read through this packet, here are three rules that you might not have thought of and how to avoid breaking them!

Rule #1: Ask Permission Before You Give Snacks To Attendees

Food can be a great way to attract attention to your trade show displays, but if you’re going to hand out bottles of water, cookies and other snacks, you probably need to ask for permission. Most venues have a concession stand that will be selling food and beverages and if you’re handing out free bottles of water, you’re taking away from their profits. Many venues will grant permission if you’re willing to pay a small fee to make up for this concession loss. Chances are small that you’ll have problems with a candy dish, but if you’re planning on handing out anything more substantial, it’s important to get permission.

Rule #2: Be Careful Not To Break Copyright Laws At Your Trade Show Displays

If you want to play a recognizable song at your trade show displays, you need to make sure that you have the permission to use it. If you don’t have permission and the copyright holder finds out, your company could face a fine. Quite a few companies take their chances and many of them do get away with it, but a simple Internet search can often find out who the copyright holder is. Make sure to ask for permission in plenty of time because this process can sometimes be a lengthy one. The licensing rights are often not expensive, so there’s no reason companies shouldn’t take the steps to ensure that they’re following the law.

Rule #3: Make Sure Your Music Volume Isn’t Too High

When you’re playing music, make sure that you don’t have it playing too loudly. Most venues have a decibel limit to help ensure that the volume won’t disturb the people who are at other trade show displays nearby. If your exhibit gets a complaint, you’ll get a visit from one of the event’s organizers asking you to turn down the music. It’s a good idea to comply because if you don’t, the organizers will disconnect your electricity, leaving your entire booth without power.

These probably aren’t the only rules that you need to follow when you bring your trade show displays to an event, so it’s important to read through the information provided by the venue. If you have any questions about the rules, make sure to contact the event’s organizers ahead of time so that you know what is — and isn’t — allowed. Following the rules is one way to ensure that your event is a successful one.

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