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Table Top Displays & More: Three Exhibit Options To Help Cut Convention Costs For Your Business

Companies participating in annual marketing events and conventions understand that there are some unavoidable costs and expenses that need to be carefully planned for. Every function brings with it some type of entry fee. Then, a business must consider the costs for shipping exhibits and stands to the venue – and, of course, shipping them back after the convention has ended. The location of the function will dictate the overall travel logistics and fares for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. Finally, staff sent to man the business booths will also incur expenses with meals out and other miscellaneous work-related expenses. When seeing the overall bill after an industry function, any business owner may wonder, “Is it worth it?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” When executed properly, participating in industry events is one of the best ways for organizations in any operational vertical to announce their presence as a major player and go head-to-head with some of its biggest competitors as a force to be reckoned with. Best of all, these promotional functions offer companies something that few other advertorial resources can deliver: a chance to meet and greet consumers that are already interested in what their businesses have to offer. When coupled with peripheral opportunities to network and further the breadth of their brand exposure, most entrepreneurs readily agree that working the event circuit can prove an extremely fruitful endeavor.

Using Table Top Displays & Portable Pop Up Displays To Curb Overall Spending

Fortunately, there are some outstanding options for organizations looking to make major crowd impact with their exhibits, yet still remain as cost-effective as possible. Savvy business leaders have quickly realized that today’s booths are bringing an entirely new meaning to the phrase, “good things come in small packages.” If you’re looking to streamline expenditures, forego the full-scale and elaborate exhibit that may wield a weighty price tag and consider:

Portable Pop Up Displays: Portable pop up displays are free-standing exhibits that, as the name implies, can be carried for the ultimate experience in easy transport. Best of all, portable pop up displays can be highly-customized with all of your business brand information and marketing messages to ensure you quickly garner the crowd’s attention at any event; all at a fraction of the cost of larger exhibits.

Table Top Displays: Table top displays are an excellent option for business looking to keep costs to a minimum and can be particularly helpful for organizations first getting acclimated to the convention process. An innovative design team will deliver table top displays that are customized, informative and can even showcase continuous pictures and graphics on both sides for maximum return on investment.

Rent A Trade Show Booth: Always A Great, Cost-Saving Option

Still feel like your business would be best represented by a full-sized exhibit? No problem! Your organization can rent a trade show booth. Many professional design firms offer a virtually endless portfolio of options for companies looking to rent a trade show booth of any size. Not only will you get a distinctive final product with your company’s brand and graphics prominently displayed, but the final cost will only be a portion of what purchasing the exhibit outright would cost. Most importantly, when your company opts to rent a trade show booth, the rental firm will manage all fringe expenses. Setup, breakdown and everything in between, your business is covered for optimal savings!

Skyline Exhibits can help you make an impact at the next trade show and stay on budget! From customized table top displays and portable pop up displays (, to innovative options for businesses looking to rent a trade show booth, contact Skyline’s superior design team today to hear more cost-friendly options at!

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